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I got the impression she was never real happy at V&H....and she really needs to figure out that red light problem...I agree she would be a great addition to WAR or the Smith camp...Who knows...Maybe she's gonna throw in the towel....Hope not.....In her younger days....She was the reason I followed PSM


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and EK was better performing?........not. she was an odd fit there from the get go. hope she finds success in whatever her future holds.
not really a fan of PSB, but angelle is arguably one of the most recognizable faces/name in PSB, or in nhra for that matter. whether she's your cup of tea or not,
she has a unique personality that is not contrived.


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Was sort of expecting this. The bike was much better than the results. As we age in any sport, it begins to become more of a mental struggle. Wondering if that was their last win, racing against younger, talented drivers wanting to take a shot at defeating (in some instances) their idols. It takes a toll. In a sport where thousandths are coveted, mental errors become more evident.

Jianna and dad probably will not move their funding over to that team, however it would be a smart move. Their bike never performed at the level of Matt & Angie's.
I think her bike was setup to be a little slower on purpose. Next year they will speed it up for her. If I am not mistaken I think I read that somewhere.


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Well, maybe Tony Stewart would consider a try at PSM..but regardless, whoever she potentially rides for is going to expect a winner. Angelle wasn't just inconsistent on the tree last year; it's been a problem with her for quite some time. Same with Alexis DeJoria who can't seem to win a race thanks to holeshot losses despite having a quite consistent 3.80-3.90 ride. Brittney Force fought the late-light demon for a time, too - any racer deals with slumps from time to time - she's still not as consistently quick as Ashley, Prock or Brown but she's right up there and the results speak for themselves.

Sampey is a seasoned veteran, an intense competitor, well liked, knows what to do and always gives 100 percent. But she may have to face the fact the possibility that her mind and body simply are no longer capable of consistent and quick reaction times is out there. It happens and that has to be frustrating - because she was once the best in the business.


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She needs to work with whomever Mike Salinas worked with. That was as amazing turnaround!!

J. S.

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She needs to work with whomever Mike Salinas worked with. That was as amazing turnaround!!

Or take a "refresher/tune up" course at Frank Hawley's Drag Racing School. I recall that has worked for some other Pro drivers over the years who were struggling with lights, etc.
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