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It doesn't ever bother me when teams switch staff. Not my call to make, and I respect the changes that are made by those that make them.
As I said earlier, nothing is forever. I will never forget when a certain KU basketball coach decided to go back to his hometown team and coach (North Carolina) even though his current job and stats were amazing--there were so many upset and angry fans. All I was thinking was, where did he sign his life away and why do you expect him to do so? If he feels he needs to go an change, let him--change is good.
The coach that took over his job just won the division championship last night in Kansas City. Congratulations to Bill Self and the Jayhawks. Go KU. No one even talks about the previous coach now.
No big deal, unless you want to make it one.

Best of luck to all the teams here, change can be a very good thing.
sorry to see john go, but its a big buisness thats all it is, john got zippy and lanny over the last few years now dsr has john medlen, good luck to john medlen, a class act.
Anyone remember when Medlan tuned for Rudy Toepke back in I believe the late 80's? They ran very well for the short time they ran.
Seger sang it best:

Here I am
On the road again
There I am
Up on the stage
Here I go
Playin' star again
There I go
Turn the page :)
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