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For all the people who did not participate in this grass roots effort to stop this horrendous amnesty bill because they think "I'm just one person, what can I do"....here's what you can do.....

Join a grass roots group like NumbersUSA Even the liberal media had to acknowledge these groups for stopping this bill. There are a lot of 'I'm just one person's out there, and when all united for or against a cause, we can (and have) made a difference.

Be part of the problem or part of the solution..... and take back our government and deliver America from the apathy into which she has fallen.

Grassroots America beat The Establishment on amnesty bill -- almost unprecedented

For at least five months, most newspaper editorial boards, the majority of columnists and news stories and pronouncements from the other elite institutions of America have told you that a "comprehensive immigration bill" would inevitably pass the Senate this year.

That only caused most of you to fax, phone and visit Senatorial offices all the more often.

Most national religious leaders who spoke out on this issue said the moral high ground was in rewarding the U.S. businesses and foreign labor who broke our immigration laws.

But in the pews (and quietly in most of the parsonages), the overwhelming majority of the people of faith stayed grounded in the values of justice and freedom, and stood against massive new flows of foreign labor that are at the expense of our society's most vulnerable citizens. You stood against this massive government-coerced population explosion that is so destructive of the natural habitats or our country that stand in the bulldozers' path.

In the last week, several venerable warriors from past decades of massive legislative battles such as this one have gloomily proclaimed that when The Establishment almost totally unites for something, the grassroots never prevail.

But the nearly HALF-MILLION activist members of the NumbersUSA Action Network just devoted even more time and energy to leaving no doubt where the quantity, the quality and the passion was among each Senator's constituency.




The average American citizen won. You disproved the cynicism (born of great experience) in this town that this kind of victory was impossible.

53 U.S. Senators actually paid attention to what you had to say, felt enough pressure to wonder if there might be validity on our side of analysis, and concluded that through combination of political wisdom and policy wisdom they should vote the way the majority of their constituents believed proper -- rather than be swayed by all the power, money and prestige of The Establishment.

That may not be a miracle, but it is a mighty cool breeze of representative democracy on a hot, humid, sticky mid-day in the marble chambers sitting atop the swamps along the Potomac!

Just to make sure you don't miss the context of your victory, consider this:

In recent months, the pro-amnesty, pro-globalized-labor forces had assembled this Establishment Goliath of support for their "comprensive immigration reform" concept:
Pres. Bush
Senate Democratic Leaders
Senate Republican Leaders
House Majority Democratic Leaders
U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Dozens of other corporation lobby groups
The largest philanthropic foundations
Perhaps 90% of the newspaper editorial boards that weighed in
The Washington offices of most major religious denominations
Nearly all ethnic advocacy groups
Most of Washington's think tanks

As the L.A. Times said on its Sunday front page, NumbersUSA activists were probably the largest and the loudest going up against that formidable force.

But you all were also part of an incredible chain-reaction type of civic involvement that used the internet and talk radio to multiply the message along with dozens of other citizen groups.

And we were greatly assisted by the fact that a handful of significant sources of power joined the citizen revolt of bloggers, talkers and forwarders. Among them:
The American Legion
The AFL-CIO (somewhat timidly)
The National Review on-line magazine
CNN's Lou Dobbs

Your power was not in just being loud and persistent. It was that you knew the issues. You knew the many ways this bill was bad for America.

It is trite to say but the exclamation of the boy in the crowd that "The Emperor Is Wearing No Clothes" describes so well what you did.

Thank you to those who have acted almost daily since Congress returned in January.

Thank you to those who recently have acted several times a day. Incredible.

Thank you to those who had so little time to give, but stepped in once or twice a week.

And thank you to the 78,343 "replacements" who only joined since June 1 but have been so important in overwhelming the Senate with our message.

We will even lavish praise on the 6,733 of you who joined yesterday and made your first calls and sent your first faxes!

At this moment, there are 444,496 of you who are registered, proven activists using the NumbersUSA tools! What an army you have been. But you are not MY army, or OUR army. You are YOUR OWN army -- 444,496 separate individuals working in collective, cumulative power, saying just what you want to say, writing just what you want to write. That is the power that won the victory today.

I only caution that what we did today was forestall disaster.

Our future, the next generation's future, depends on our marshalling these same forces together to begin to make improvements in immigration policy, one piece at a time, starting tomorrow.

We will be posting new opportunities of action soon, and especially opportunities to praise and criticize the votes today of your own Senators.

let's hope this bill really stays dead this time.

Now we can expect to see the democrats go full force into pushing for the "fairness doctrine" since they think that conservative talk radio was the main reason the people spoke up against this bill. It never occurs to them that this was a bad bill and that the majority of LEGAL US Citizens didn't want it. They will use talk radio as a scapegoat and try to reign it in as retribution for their loss.

What congress need to do is prove to the American public that they are serious about protecting the border and also protecting US Citizens from the illegal alien invasion that is threatening this nation.
Analysis of the final votes

From: Roy Beck, President, NumbersUSA
Date: Thursday 28JUN07 3:30 p.m. EDT

Here are the amnesty votes today -- And the REAL REASON it lost

Please do all you can in Letters to the Editor, on talk radio, in conversations with your friends to make sure that all know this amnesty bill failed for only one reason: Senators thought it wasn't tough enough on enforcement or illegal aliens.

Some news media are suggesting this bill died because it was attacked from both open borders and closed borders factions.

Not true. The Senators who are soft on illegal immigration stuck with the bill even though they decried it for being too restrictive.

Of the 53 votes against the bill, we can find only four votes that we think we wouldn't have gotten without the AFL-CIO's opposition. The AFL-CIO opposed the guestworker expansion, as did we.

But we don't find any NO votes that were because the bill was too restrictive.

The winning argument in the Senate was that this bill provided incredible rewards for those who break immigration laws without guaranteeing any significant reductions in future illegal immigration.

Secondarily, the bill was rejected because it increased total legal immigration by more than half and was put together completely outside normal legislative channels without any consideration of how local, state and federal governments would pay for it.


On Tuesday, we were five votes short of killing S. 1639 -- we needed 40.

We gave you some top targets but also asked all of you to keep working on your own YES-ON-AMNESTY Senators even if not on a list of likely switchers.

How glad we are that you did.

No anti-amnesty group that I know of thought Alaska or Ohio could persuade even one Senator, let alone two! Who would have guessed we might get Harkin of Iowa, Collins of Maine?

Here are the 18 Senators who voted YES to allow the amnesty bill back on the Senate floor on Tuesday but voted NO to kill it today.

All of us at the NumbersUSA headquarters in Arlington, Va. (on the river looking at the Capitol) gathered in our conference room to watch the vote. I wish you could have been here with the whoops every time one of these 18 said YES!

We not only got the 40 votes we needed to win, we got 53!!!!

Alaska: Sen. Lisa Murkowski, Sen. Ted Stevens
Arkansas: Sen. Mark Pryor
Iowa: Sen. Tom Harkin

Kansas: Sen. Sam Brownback
Kentucky: Sen. Mitch McConnell
Maine: Sen. Susan Collins

Minnesota: Sen. Norm Coleman
Missouri: Sen. Kit Bond
Nebraska: Sen. Ben Nelson

Nevada: Sen. John Ensign
New Mexico: Sen. Jeff Bingaman
North Carolina: Sen. Richard Burr

Ohio: Sen. Sherrod Brown, Sen. George Voinovich
Virginia: Sen. John Warner, Sen. Jim Webb

We have a new fax for you to thank these Senators. Right now, please forgive all past transgressions and just let them feel the love. Let them know how much better it feels to stand with the majority of voters in your state on this contentious issue.

If you want to call one of their offices and give them Thirty Seconds of Thanks, get the numbers from your My Members page at:
(link deleted because it was to my representatives from NJ)


Alabama: Sen. Jeff Sessions, Sen. Richard Shelby
Alaska: Sen. Lisa Murkowski, Sen. Ted Stevens
Arkansas: Sen Mark Pryor

Colorado: Sen. Wayne Allard
Georgia: Sen. Saxby Chambliss, Sen. Johnny Isakson
Idaho: Sen. Michael Crapo

Indiana: Sen. Evan Bayh
Iowa: Sen. Tom Harkin, Sen. Charles Grassley
Kansas: Sen. Sam Brownback, Sen. Pat Roberts

Kentucky: Sen. Mitch McConnell, Sen. Jim Bunning
Louisiana: Sen. Mary Landrieu, Sen. David Vitter
Maine: Sen. Susan Collins

Michigan: Sen. Debbie Stabenow
Minnesota: Sen. Norm Coleman
Mississippi: Sen. Thad Cochran

Missouri: Sen. Kit Bond, Sen. Claire McCaskill
Montana: Sen. Max Baucus, Sen. Jon Tester
Nebraska: Sen. Ben Nelson

New Hampshire: Sen. John Sununu
Nevada: Sen. John Ensign
New Mexico: Sen. Jeff Bingman, Sen. Pete Domenici

North Carolina: Sen. Richard Burr, Sen. Elizabeth Dole
North Dakota: Sen. Byron Dorgan
Ohio: Sen. Sherrod Brown, Sen. George Voinovich

Oklahoma: Sen. Tom Coburn, Sen. Jim Inhofe
Oregon: Sen. Gordon Smith
South Carolina: Sen. Jim DeMint

South Dakota: Sen. John Thune
Tennessee: Sen. Lamar Alexander, Sen. Bob Corker
Texas: Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson, Sen. John Cornyn

Utah: Sen. Orrin Hatch
Vermont: Sen. Bernie Sanders
Virginia: Sen. John Warner, Sen. Jim Webb

West Virginia: Sen. Robert Byrd, Sen. Jay Rockefeller
Wyoming: Sen. John Barrasso, Sen. Mike Enzi

We also have thank you faxes to those Senators who voted NO on amnesty both Tuesday and today.

So much congratulations to those of you who persuaded BOTH your Senators to stand with the American people.

For those of you who didn't persuade even one Senator, you clearly live in a tough state politically. But I hope some of the victories today will encourage you to keep trying.

We proved that Democratic-dominated states no longer have to go for the open borders side. ONE-THIRD of the Senate Democrats voted with us today.


Arizona: Sen. John Kyl, Sen. John McCain
Arkansas: Sen. Blanche Lincoln
California: Sen. Barbara Boxer, Sen. Diane Feinstein

Colorado: Sen. Ken Salazar
Connecticut: Sen. Joe Lieberman, Sen. Chris Dodd
Delaware: Sen. Joseph Biden, Sen. Tom Carper

Florida: Sen. Mel Martinez, Sen. Bill Nelson
Hawaii: Sen. Daniel Akaka, Sen. Daniel Inouye
Idaho: Sen. Larry Craig

Illinois: Sen. Dick Durbin, Sen. Barack Obama
Indiana: Sen. Dick Lugar
Maine: Sen. Olympia Snowe

Maryland: Sen. Ben Cardin, Sen. Barbara Mikulski
Massachusetts: Sen. Ted Kennedy, Sen. John Kerry
Michigan: Sen. Carl Levin

Minnesota: Sen. Amy Klobuchar
Mississippi: Sen. Trent Lott
Nebraska: Sen. Chuck Hagel

Nevada: Sen. Harry Reid
New Hampshire: Sen. Judd Gregg
New Jersey: Sen. Frank Lautenberg, Sen. Robert Menendez

New York: Sen. Hillary Clinton, Sen. Chuck Schumer
North Dakota: Sen. Kent Conrad
Oregon: Sen. Ron Wyden

Pennsylvania: Sen. Robert Casey, Sen. Arlen Specter
Rhode Island: Sen. Jack Reed, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse
South Carolina: Sen. Lindsay Graham

Utah: Sen. Bob Bennett
Vermont: Sen. Patrick Leahy
Washington: Sen. Maria Cantwell, Sen. Patty Murray
Wisconsin: Sen. Russ Feingold, Sen. Herb Kohl


Most of your emails back to us this afternoon are savoring the victory.

But quite a few are worried that we think our battle is over.

Dear Roy, It is a clear victory that we stopped this current bill. However, it will not be a victory to have Congress wait until 2009 to remove the 12M+ illegal immigrants. We need a new campaign that urges our Congress to present a new bill to IMMEDIATELY complete the border fence and remove and deport the illegals, NOW.
----------G. Terrell

Roy, we have won nothing substantial. There is no certainty that this Congress will fund-to-the-completion a secure border nor prosecute to the point of conviction those who illegally hire the illegal. The longer that Congress continues to drag its feet concerning these serious requirements, the borders will remain porous, anchor babies will continue to flood our emergency hospital centers and eventually our schools and social services.

I want to assure everybody that none of us at NumbersUSA believes we have won any kind of ultimate victory. We know this was a defensive victory, by definition the stopping of something bad and not the starting of something good.

Nonetheless, I believe there are several positive trends in motion toward enforcement right now and we will be plotting, planning and pontificating starting tomorrow on the next steps.

But Congress is leaving town for 10 days. You all have worked so hard and so faithfully these last months. Please take a few days off from activism. Enjoy your holidays. Celebrate the 4th of July and all that it means in our ability as ordinary citizens to challenge and sometimes even beat the Privileged Powers of our society. Ring the bell of freedom and shoot some fireworks in honor of the obnoxious tenacity of John Adams and his ilk in insisting that we be a self-governing national community of Americans.


P.S. Keep up with any breaking development and new information at:
NumbersUSA - relies upon individuals like you to reach its goal of an environmentally sustainable and economically just America.
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