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It seems the burnouts are getting shorter and shorter and less smokey. As we all know, Jim Head would skip them altogether if NHRA would let him get away with it. What got me thinking about it was watching an old race between John Force and Al Hoffman. Both burnouts were long, loud, and VERY smokey! :)

Melanie sure had her hands full on a couple of those runs, but she NEVER backed down. Great driving on her part! You could tell she was hungry.

That fire 'em up, shut 'em down, fire 'em up, shut 'em down.......... between Melanie and Tony's teams must have given the crew chiefs head aches by the time they were done.

Accordingly, it may have made for a long day, but good calls by Stewart to stop racing when moisture appeared on the track. Safety is foremost in my mind.

Seemed independent teams got some facetime on TV this week, especially when it came to the (excellent) TV pit coverage.

It would have been interesting to see Jeg sit in the "penalty box" with Paul and Mike.

Those shots down the length of the dragstrip into the valley were incredible. I've got to make a show there sometime.

And finally:

Ole Dougie K ain't above muscling someone out of the way to take the win, eh????? :D
I sure agree with the excellent pit coverage part. I thought the whole show was well done. I especially liked the beginning where they showed the 2 FC's crossing at the finish line. Good raw footage that made me feel like I was there. Congrats to Mel for her first win, she sure worked for it. Even with the rain causing problems, I thought it was a good show. By the way.......HUKED ON FONIX WURKED FER ME TWO. :)
It seems the burnouts are getting shorter and shorter and less smokey.........

and the tires are getting more and more expensive.

that's too bad because everyone loves a long, smokey burnout.
everyone also loves a good throttle blip during warmup, but that too is
going away for quite a few teams.
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I loved the coverage this week.

Very true on the view, even my wife commented "Hay we should go to that race it looks pretty" Which mean I need to start booking :)

I didn't know nhra forced burnouts, I know I've seen several cases where teams were not able to do one for one reason or another.
Track prep has a lot to do with smoke. Tracks are not prepped as tight as they used to be. That's why pro stockers are spinning the big GY's now.

Melanie does a great job "man" handling the cars she drives. She did a fantastic job in the diggers' too. She's a talented driver, better than most at searching out the grove from an unruley automobile.

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