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Denny Milani in the beautiful but illfated, Ted Gotelli AA/FD at Lions 1965.
Sadly Denny would be killed in this car at Half Moon Bay, CA August 22, 1965. Denny was only 24

The Greek 1970

1967 Pacific Raceway The Assassin AA/FD with the late Gaines Markley in the seat.

Jerry Ruth hand out 1971

Dwight Salisbury in the Smothers Bros. Beach Boys AA/FD 1969

My all time favorite car 1975 AA/FC The "Ace" in the seat


VW Bug on Nitro. It was ill handling at best.

Could be the late Mike Sniveley in the seat.

The late great Pat Foster at OCIR
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Nice Hemi?

Billy "The Kid" Scott AA/FD 1967 could be Lions


Hank Westmoreland in Don Johnson's "Beachcomber" AA/FD 1969 OCIR
Saw the car once Seattle 1969 nice looking car, Check out the race queen? getting her nitro fix.

Bob Hightower Lion's

The late Bob Mayer at Tulsa 1967
It makes me sad that I have to put late on some of these pictures!!!

The late Steve Carbone AA/FD 1971

Carl Olson? 1970?

Hay look it's Roger Gates 1971 World Finals Ontario. Love the wing over the engine Bitchin!
Roger didn't you try to turn your self in to a chrisspy critter at this race. (read on fire in the lights)
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Can't forget the AA/FC and the boat fans. Have a good Sunday night!

The late Patty Foster at Lions this car was bad ASS! 71 or 72

OCIR- I think 1968

Rick Ramsey in the Keeling & Clayton AA/FC Mustang at Pomona. Man they had nice looking cars, and real paint too!

Cle Elum, Wasington own Mike Miller OCIR 1975. Saw Mike race flopper's from 1969 to early 80's at Seattle
I don't care what people say, I miss the old day's.






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I was at that race at Lions. I remember the wheelstand the T/F car did and the flopper crash. Wow.... Had never seen the boat footage, but it looked like he was out of control almost from the start of the run. Crazy stuff....
There used to be a car dealer in Monrovia, Calif, Foulger Ford. It was the go to dealer for hi performance Fords. Lotsa drag cars came out of that dealership. First new car I bought was a 1971 Ford Pinto & I got it at that dealer. They installed a header for me (will void the warrenty kid) when I bought the car. I bought the Pinto there, just cuz the dealer was involved in drag racing. Russ Davis Ford was another hi-po dealer. By the way I really liked the Corvair funny cars. Wish someone would build a Pro Mod with that body. I dunno if anyone is running nostalgia F/C with a Corvair body. Was also thinking that todays nostalgia F/C don't really look like the Old Daze, cuz extended nose and what have you. Loved the old cars better. Last thing. Photo of Willie - body custom by fork. Been there done that. heh
Again, great pics! You do realize this thread could go on forever, right? Which would be ok with me, LOL. Fun fact about Willie's FC, he ran that car with a Chevy motor, which even as a kid I thought was unusual after all those years running AA/FA with a Hemi.

Frederick DeNome aka "Broadway Freddy DeName"
The late Freddy was a fun loving guy. A drag racer for fun-A car theif and murderer by trade.

Don Schumacher did have a nice AA/FC. Until it was barrowed out of a hotel parking lot. Hummmm

Here are some more photo's, will try to put words and dates to them, to the best I can.

One of my old hand outs.

Seattle 1976

Shirley in her last flopper 1973. She would have a bad fire at Indy that year.
Then move to fuel diggers for the 1974 season and beyond


Gary Reed, Lions 1970? Notice how Gary is looking down on the burn out.
That is so the bleach (VHT) and rubber wouldn't get on his goggles.

Not Good! Check out the picture on page 4 Tom Toler AA/FD
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Dang Jim, even thought I have seen those cars in person and the many magazines, this S%#$ get's my eyes moist. The boats, Earl Bachant, Kenny West, Dennis Pollachia, and Gary Scow.

Both Fred Farndon and Jack Ostrander ran Blown Fuel Hydros.

Did any of you folks looking at this post notice the attitude of Pete's Corvair with Hedrick at the wheel, the guy was a frigin' animal that showed no mercy to the rat engine, repeat, no mercy.

Thanks for the pics, back in late 66 and all thru 67 the Darts and Corvairs were my favorite S/XS cars hands down.

[email protected] Gerry Swartz in the "Ratty Cat" on a Saturday at Lions!!!
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