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I think we can add Doug Herbert to Dick LaHaie's list. Pretty sure he left Herbert to go to Kalitta at the end of '93 (and promptly tuned Scott to championships in '94 and '95).

Surely Jim O or Jon O has tuned multiple winners, Grubby, Doug K and Hillary maybe?
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Actually LaHaie went to Herbert in 1999 after the Kalitta success. I think Jim Brissette was still Herbert's crew chief for his first win.

Add to that Dan Olson -
76 - Rance McDaniel
84 - Tony Schumacher

Larry Meyer -
63 - Lori Johns
66 - Tom McEwen ( having tuned Lori to her final career win in Memphis 3 races prior and their last race together and beating Lori in the finals. Irony.)
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