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Historically one of the biggest races on the NHRA schedule has been the "THE BIG GO", at Indy. But, is it really a BIG race any more?, or is the second Vegas race on the schedule which I've coined the name for the first time, "THE BIG SHOW" a much more substantially important event to the sport of the drag racing? I pose the following points to support my position that, "THE BIG SHOW" is one of, if not the most important race date on the NHRA Full Throttle Drag Racing Series calender:

1. Their is no longer much if any automobile manufacturing envolvement in the sport, however their is still much aftermarket support of the sport. Indy was known as a place that was close to detroit and manufactures would show up at the event, and entertain their dealers, not any more!

2. The Aftermarket community gathers at the SEMA show the week following the vegas event at the vegas convention center. What better place to stay over during the week to interface with manufactures and those who support the sport at their convention.

3. At the convention what better place to interact with aftermarket staff to make connections or renew old ones, get those business cards, special phone numbers and for that matter make a deal.

4. It's the place where the most car counts may be, as the east coast racers heading to Pomona have to pass through and compete of course. It seems lately that not many West Coast folks go to Indy.

5. With all the big names at Vegas, and fewer divisional grading points needed to enter the event, a lower level division player can more easily gain entrance to race. And, what better place for a low level player to gain a name for him/herself by knocking of a big East coast name.

6. It's Vegas, more to do after the drag race is over, to include activity at the circle track.

7. The foreign racers like to go their, a little more racing flavor, or course because it's vegas.

8. With the new countdown, actual championships are decided at Vegas.

9. The racing will be much more competitive as it is crunch time for the championship since its second to the last race on the schedule.

10. Racers will go all out, and especially since the manufacturing base are probably at the track since SEMA is in town, what better time to impress!

11.. etc, etc. I'm sure their are many things I havn't thought of, like Vegas is so close to SoCal its easier for all the SoCal cars to get there.


Yep!, "THE BIG SHOW", is the race to be at!
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Plus it is a whole lot cleaner, the food is better, easer to get in and out, better weather, free airshow, and it is not owned by the clowns in Glendora.
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