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Making Delay Boxes illegal. If they did, I might, and I mean might, be enticed to watch some sportsman racing at a national event. Launch, bog, go, brakes at lights - yuk!
I think you have confused the function of a delay box and a throttle stop.

I get a kick out of situations where people don't understand there are participatory sports going on in the same event as spectator sports ... I guess the NHRA wrongly assumes that people will figure out when to leave for the show in the pits.

I won't even comment on the lunacy of eliminating the automatic shut down devices.

I would like to see TD double bracketed .... top half runs to a final, bottom half runs to a final, then a Wally is given for the winner of the last race (fast half W vs slow half W). Just my wish. I think I can easily line up sponsors for the top half pay outs to give them a reason to race hard.
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8.90 and 9.90 racing is so 30 years ago.... The majority of the cars competing today are capable of e.t.'s almost 2 seconds quicker than that. Lower the index and eliminate some down track throttle stop, for goodness sake!
I like the idea of lowering indexes...but pretty soon there will be mid-6 second cars running in the 7.90 class, and so on and so forth. It never will end.

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Top Fuel-Good as it is now
Funny Car-see above

Pro Stock-Go to Mountain Motors, and lose the time killing wheelie bar adjustments (I know why they do it, I'm a geezer)
Pro Stock Bike-Good as it is now.

TAD-Just right (curious what a A/Fuel car would run with more nitro and a open gear rule,4.90's maybe?)
TAFC-allow injected nitro engines. (I can hear the howling already,lol)

Comp Elim-less door cars, more blown altered or cars similar to BB/GS.
Super Stock-great class, no changes
Stock-same as above

Super Gas-liked it in the early days, not now. Lower the index to 9.50 would help, lose most of the electronics, class is boring.
Super Comp, same as above, lower the index to 8.50.

Top Dragster-great class, would like to see 6.00 be the cutoff.
Top Sportsman-good as it is now

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I'd like a rule that gives the winner of each qualifying pair 5 points in the pro catagories. No more 200 foot shut off runs during Saturday afternoon. Make em pedal it if they want the championship.
Damn! that could get expensive. It costs teams a fortune just pedaling in Eliminations.


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i know it's beating a dead horse, but if i could run nhra, on fridays and saturdays i would make sure there were at least 2 hours of sportsman cars between the 2 pro Q sessions.
the money is made at the gate, then maybe parking, then maybe reserved seat, and MAYBE, just maybe someone buys a souvenir or concession before they get to their seat.
i want maximum time between pro rounds to get the paying customer up and out of their seat and into the pits and midway. rite now IMO folks are too rushed to get back to the bleacher seat
as the 2nd Q is starting almost as quickly as the last TF car goes down the track........i like this current trend of mixing up various classes at nat. events, but personally, i'm lucky if i see all the nitro
passes. i've got nitro to smell, people to see, food to eat and beverages to drink.........like i said in previous post somewhere; if the 4 day events with ample pit space would run 100+ car sportsman
fields, and have E1 and maybe even E2 on friday, you'd still have a LOT of rounds that could easily run between the pro Q sessions. i know the argument is the day gets too long, but i think it's worth
a try again. how to you sell midway space to potential customers/sponsors (and concession space for that mater too) if the fans are being rushed past you because there is no 'down time'? how
do you get Mr. and Mrs. Fan to spend the maximum amount of money in their wallets and purses? ......IMO gotta' give them a little more time. ...... and what do you get if you have 100+ sportsman
fields? more money.
I have no issue getting back to the camper and pounding a beer or 6 between qualifying sessions at BIR. 😀:oops:


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Bring back Pro Comp
Get the blowers back in comp
Pro Stock, allow carbs and scoops or fuel injection
Funny Car, make the bodies a little bit more realistic


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Geez, the hair styles look almost like everyone had wigs back then. My hair never got THAT long. Heh Even Garlits & Snake & Dyno Don had long hair. Wonder what Wally Parks would have looked like with long hair & a beard? :)


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Geez, the hair styles look almost like everyone had wigs back then. My hair never got THAT long. Heh Even Garlits & Snake & Dyno Don had long hair. Wonder what Wally Parks would have looked like with long hair & a beard? :)
would have been too hard to cast the Wally's.....

some of my pics didn't load...


Don Shoe rocked a pretty good do with muttonchops back in the day.....


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Eliminate delay boxes in TD, TS and perhaps the super classes.
Allow clutches in TD
There are folks here currently racing who may be able to chime in, but I don’t think there are many TD racers wanting to run a clutch. At that point they’d probably try TAD. But, I could be way off.


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That's all I've ever run. Eliminate delay boxes and suddenly the field is quiet equal. Some of us old timers still like swapping feet.
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