Here we go again, More fines. Next they will fine you if you race car fails to start during eliminations. No racer in any class wants to cross the center line. I suggest that they take some of the past find money for what ever they collected it for and have the POWERS in NHRA pay to take a class at Haley's driving school and just see how easy it is to drive a real race car. They will 💩 their pants.
Larry Sutton---Lions Starter and Racer (RET.)🤠
PS: I am SO glad I no longer play the game.
Why not take some of the find money and hire a none NHRA management person and design a REAL run off area. PEE gravel does not work. Example my good friend Mark Niver (RIP).😞
Larry Sutton
Hindsight being 20/20 of course, but that design of the trap used that day was so poor. There were two nets but the first one he went into which folded up the car was way in front of the second one and not too far from the entrance of the trap.
Why not move the double lines a foot or two into the driver's lane? Similar to the old lines at Etown along the walls.
thank goodness it's not the triple whammy; DQ from event, lose all points from event, plus big fine. different rules for different infractions i guess ;)
seriously, how about a little more traction compound to widen the groove.
If NHRA money is so tight that there is a need to charge for crossing the center line, I would like to make the following suggestions that might help their bottom line.
repair an repaint of guard rail--$500
pushing a race car off the track after a run--$10 per run
Pee gravel taken from the run off area--$20 per pound
reinstall of net--$600
use of water in burn out box--$2 per run
naming of a sponsor on speakers on TV--$500 per
Interviews after a run--$50 per
A 30% bigger cut on racers T-shirt sales
## If none of the above happens to the team during the event. a $10 rebate will be added to the teams account for the next race ONLY if needed,
Larry Sutton---🤠
when a funny car body is shredded, or side panels blow off TF, and the chassis stays in lane, but a piece of body lands in other lane?
what if driver can't see and crosses centerline in every effort to keep a car off the walls?

a car hooks so well off starting line, and hikes front end, upon landing the steering is damaged, the driver can not control car, and car veers across centerline?

a rear tire is cut on top end, pieces of tire take out cones. do you fine the team?, when it is possible the tire ran over something not seen by nhra track personnel?
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Do you think they didn’t include Pro Stock and Pro Mod because it’s usually insufficient track prep or high winds that turns them turtle?
I bet Dave Richards will vote for that. He'll be racing this year in a Toyota they bought from Kalitta.
one of the older solaras or camrys? or a newer supra body? no attempt to affiliate with wilkerson's ford program?
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