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there is certainly room for improvement. There was alot of dead air that needs to be addressed. I expected the commercials but I also expected a better setup in the tower. We'll see if they work out the kinks.
Definately not a Nhra event so things move slower but the track prep seems to be excellent. So far I like it though, looks like a really cool track to go to in person. Also this their first time doing something like this. I give them a B-.
No comments on Tasca's 341MPH run?
I have never been to that track, but what I saw on the video on youtube. It looks great Flat, smooth, great runoff distance. looking at the runs I believe they are all legitimate.
That track could be a great track for future national events.
Larry Sutton---Lions Starter🤠
If anybody from Fox Sports is lurking, monitoring or just watching this web site, Jack Beckman needs to be behind a microphone on your network.
Personally, I'd prefer Mike Dunn, however Fast Jack was amazing with great analytical insight that ran rings around The Boxer.
They said that the crew chiefs slowed the car down at mid track so that it wouldn't be on the rev limiter at the top end. Sacrificed a little ET, but that's interesting.
I always wondered if you could do a fuel car with a kind of throttle stop setup to get m.p,h..:rolleyes:
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