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Favorite Drag Strip Track Food-Then or Now? (2 Viewers)

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What was your favorite grub to buy at the drag strip, then or now?

I have 3 that have yet to beat surpassed.

1. Chili Tamales or Chili Hot Dogs at the greatest weekly drag strip ever, Lions Drag Strip
2. Irwindale Raceways Hamburgers, like early In-N-Out, awesome.
3. O.C.I.R's Strips, that wonderfull sweet yet snappy salsa style sauce on top, just great!

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The cheeseburgers and fries at the Tulsa track are pretty darned good. And the prices aren’t bad.


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Epping has just the usual stuff burgers, chicken fingers, one pizza vendor, etc. Nothing terrible but nothing great. I usually get the pizza and/or the chicken finger baskets...

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