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Got a call from my brother who is at Indy, and he said he was standing at the fence watching Comp this morning waiting for his wife to come from the restroom, and one of the security guys came up and told him to sit down or go behind the bleachers. He asked why and the guy said they didnt want anyone standing at the fence when cars were running. I was at Indy last year and on Sunday it was 3 deep at the fence. If this is something they intend to enforce looks like it will be dificult when crowds get bigger tonight and on into the weekend. Has the NHRA been doing this all season or is this something new?
If this is something new that they are enforcing, it's actually a pretty big deal, I hope it was just an over-enthusiastic guard going overboard.
No standing at Brainerd this year too. I wasn't sure if it was a new track rule, or new NHRA rule. I figured it was so they could force you to buy a reserved seat so they could generate more sales. If this is true.... the number of tickets sold for admission should be exactly the same as the number of seats available. It pisses me off knowing the NHRA would consider selling a general admission tickets knowing the reserved seats are sold out...... making your admission ticket worthless. :mad:
Memphis is like that . You sit on the seat or go to the pits. The year i went there that is the way they did it. I always stand by the fence much better to me than trying to look around everyone else.
2006 I tried, at the track, to buy reserved seats at Richmond... The ticket booth would only sell GA... maybe because they were sure it was going to rain... spent the weekend standing at 660 feet

2007 and this year... Friday only first two sections, A & B reserved, Saturday and Sunday, only first four, A thru D... hope security is better than last year, when the GA's thought they could sit in any of the stands, and stand on the bleacher steps...

If that is the case they shouldnt sell more tickets tahn they have seats. I would be pi$$ed if I got to the stands late and couldnt find a seat and had to go stand in the pits while they were running. If that is how they are doing it now I can see why people stand on the steps of the stands.
This morning watching the Hemi shootout they kicked us off the fence. Right now there are only people at the fence in the GA section.
Yep. I remember when I got my ticket mailing from Brainerd, they were emphatic about no one standing by the fence. I figure it's a liability issue for them.
That sucks, when I first started going to the track with my father we used to always stand by the fence and watch the races. Now in my older age, I would rather sit in the stands. I will be sitting on the starting line this weekend in Indy, I leave in the morning....can't wait!
I can't speak for the daytime runs but once Pro Classes started Friday the fence was lined up with people from starting line to finish line.

(This was on the East side or Pro pit side)
Personally, I don't have a problem with enforcing clear aisles.
Prolly ought to sell only reserved seats.
What other organized sport or entertainment venue allows that kind of anarchy? It's not safe and I always felt it cound interfere with the viewing of those who paid for first row seats.

PS: NHRA, of course, shouldn't be selling GA if there aren't enough seats.
If they enforce this at Gainville it should be interesting. It is literally 4-5 deep at G-ville every year on the pit side.
There HAS to be something said for TRADITION. Most of my childhood was spent clutching onto a chain-link fence while the adults stood there watching the race.

I would rather do the fence thing than the "sit in the stands" thing at most tracks. Everytime I have had seats for a race, I ended up standing up the entire time, because once some jackass stands up, everybody has to...

LVMS is one exception: The stands are angled relative to the track, so you can sit in your seat and see the entire 1320 and shut-down area.
They had some hard ass jerks trying to keep people off the fences yesterday and the day before but it didn' last. Today the fences were full of fence birds everywhere, Hey, that's the way it is supposed to be, right??
I love it, raced for 40+++ years and I am finally at INDY. BK
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