The 2022 California Hot Rod Reunion (1 Viewer)


James Generalao Jr. OVER Kyle Hough

Johnny West OVER Dylan Wynefsky

Jeff Bennett OVER Rodney Flornoy

Shawn Callen OVER Randy Bradford

Tom Padilla BYE

Brian Hope OVER Ron Hope
Take a ride with Bryan Hall in The Nomad AA/FD yesterday during Q3.

Let me try this again in a different way. Bryan Hall's Deist firesuit after the fire,

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I got to watch the last 1.5 hours on the computer. Great racing. Heard the announcer warn about high winds and was hoping that would not put the race on hold.
Just got back this afternoon. Great racing!!!
my big regret was losing the bump spot pool on the final qualifying run…just like racing, close but no cigar
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