TA/FC driver Jason Rupert crashes at Woodburn (1 Viewer)

Grant is the man, no doubt!
Now, Jason, if you are lurking, let me know what you need and we will see what we can do to help you get running again.

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I will do just about anything. If they need me to pack up my welder and tubing bender, I will leave tomorrow. Unfortunately, the one thing that I don't have a ton of right now is what is pictured. Now, if they need carbon or something . . .
When I had my crash at Seattle there was a hand stretching into the cockpit from one of the rescue people the second the car stopped. So, yeah, they are right there.
That for sure looked like a hard hit into the wall Glad to hear that Jason is fine but that sure sucks about his new car, but Grant Downing for sure builds a great race car and Jason can start over again I sure it will take awhile before he is back racing. Jason C ya at the track S@@N! J D
Witnessing the wreck from Jasons lane 15 ft from the starting line was
the worse thing to be watching unfold,
.I am very thankful that Jason climbed right out of his chassis when it was over.
jason is a tough guy and one hell of a driver,
and if any of you have ever watched him run his
car that was getting out of shape going down
the qaurter mile you would understand what I mean.
he knows how to keep it off the wall and in his own lane.
Very unfortunate deal about the car, and I wish Jason a speedy
return back to the track. Thank god he is alright.
YouTube - Woodburn DragStrip Crash July 13 2008

Grant builds a great chassi, Jasons car was almost dead head on into the wall and
spun and pancaked the left rear there was only marginal damage
to the rear of chassi that could have been in alot worse condition afterwards.
here is a front end shot of the aftermath in the pits, it is missing the
30 inches of overhang that held the fuel/oil tanks and fire bottles.

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It was really fortunate that there were no injuries in the spectator area. The grandstands end near mid-track and there weren't the usual gaggle of "fence hangers" so common at most tracks.

The "Big Pieces" of the body ended up about four feet from the spectators fence, but some small pieces flew past the fence a ways.

I was really surprised to see the condition of the chassis back in the pits. For as violent an accident, it was remarkable how little visible damage there was. High mark to the design and construction of the car.

I was especially happy to see Jason jump out of the car after bouncing off the guardrail and stopping in the middle of the track. It looked really bad!

This could have been a lot worse! Thanks God, it wasn't. Race cars can be replaced, but not people...
Randy that was funny, I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes... Oh wait a minute maybe I was crying because I had just hurt my car. I want to thank everyone for thier concern. The safety stuff works great. DT, ISP, Simpson, Ringers, Grant, and the Safety crew. I think what tripped the beams on the other end was one of the firebottles. We'll be back as soon as we can. Jason,
Hey Jason! We're all glad that you are OK!
I guess we won't see ya this weekend.:(
Take care & we'll look for your return!
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