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bobby's site reports O store to roll into 16 "A" events next year.
article brings up good points regarding decrease in sales and their
intentions to attract new customers in new markets.


article mentions oversaturation........what does that say about disposable
income of nhra fans?....... a luxury brand should never oversaturate,
there's always something new and cool for their loyal customers.
my O shoes were disposable - new pair every year @ more.
too bad - miss your trailer.
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I love the Rolling O store. I check it out at every race and have a great repore with the couple that run it. But at the risk of getting people here mad at me, I'll say that with so many pairs of cheap sunglasses on the market fewer people aren't spending 75 to 200.00 on a set of sun glasses. But then I'm the schmuck that buys 20.00 pairs at the fair so what do I know.
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get an O update periodically via email - latest one i clicked on website
and viewed scheduled events for 'rolling O' store.
only saw US nats as a future nhra date; and many stops at other sporting
events.....anyone have any info for the store/nhra events in 2012?
the latest post regarding their nhra involvement is john force winning his
15th championship :eek:
They were in Houston and I hope they are in E-town because I scratched my newest pair yesterday and need a new pair now.
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