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First off, thanks to everyone for playing. I hope it adds a little more fun to race day....or frustration if you pick like me.
I'm thinking teams should pay me to not pick them, its a new reverse sponsor deal I'm working on :)

For Pomona 2
Congrats to Rick Atchley for taking the tie breaker win over Dan Blomquist. It's great to ride into the off season with a win.

Dan's closeout push to finish the season left him in a tie for second with Eugene Gray but neither could catch our 2023 Champion, Tim Chandler, who put a Gaige Herrera like death grip on the picks a while back and nobody could catch him. His 11 point win margin was the largest since 2015. Congrats and great job Tim.

As always top 10 finishers should feel every right to put that number on you daily driver :)

Until next season, be safe everyone

Congrats to the winners and thanks to PJ for all the hard work. Over the winter, I'll be rebuilding my team, possibly getting a new brain to aid in my quest for a Top 20 finish in 2024.
Congrats Tim on a stellar year!!! Good job on the win Rick. And Eugene, you couldn't have scored just one less point??? Much thanks PJ for all you do for Pick the Winners.

You're correct MIke.............................. stupid game.
Congrats to Tim and Dan for a great finish in a very tough season.
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