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It is now the 6th of January, and If Memory serves me right, next week is the start of the Pro warm-ups in Vegas and then Phoenix. Who is going to these events who can give us some (SPY PHOTO'S) and round by round coverage???

Any Idea on what teams are attending each event?? I know the DSR teams are starting in Phoenix, but any news on anyone else? New Sponsors, Team colors?
Prominent So. Cal. funny car team is still waiting for chassis'. Then they have to go for tin. May not see them until the last test before Pomona.

(don't think so MM)
Testing begains on Jan 18th thru 20th in Vegas, Then to Phx then Back to Vegas. Still have another week and a Half before they go test.
I'll be at the Phoenix session all three days so I can post some Friday pictures. Joe will do a much better job with his camera setup than I ever could so I'll leave Saturday and Sunday to him. I don't have a Blackberry or anything like that, so I can't help with real time updates; If I remember right, Drag Race Central did a pretty good job last year with results.
I will be at both Vegas test sessions and post pics from both sessions as I normally do.

Anyone coming to Vegas for the test sessions? Look me up ...
Firebird Friday afternoon and all day Sat/Sun. I'll try to report Friday night on who is (or isn't) there. I'll leave the photos to Joe!
Drag Race Central will have full coverage of all three pre-season test sessions, as well as the IHRA test session at Rockingham and the CompetitionPlus.com test session at Valdosta.
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