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Jeff Arend you did good! (1 Viewer)

Steve Wayne

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Congrats on a great year Jeff! Bummed you didnt get the championship but congrats on a great year! Ill never forget about 15 years ago at National Trails you took me and my family behind the ropes and showed us the hauler and trailer and whole operation. You treated us all like family and its something ill always cherish, was a big Jeff Arend fan before that and became one of your biggest after!


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I too was rooting for you Jeff and the California Hustler Team. Missed it by that much;

776 Bobby Cottrell
0.105 5.738 241.71

170 Jeff Arend
0.101 5.753 255.15

Arend with a slight starting line advantage, but Cottrell chases him down for the win in a close one. Bobby Cottrell's MOV: 0.0110 seconds (approximately 4 feet).
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