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Neff to Tasca...Lane out. Seeing pretty much everything is on lease from DSR anyway, why not use the talent with Tony S. remaining on the sidelines.


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No, it means exactly what it says, a former member of a Ford team. Force is a former Ford team.
Maybe you should read it again Brent, because obviously you’re reading comprehension isn’t too good. Quoting directly from Competition Plus, “We are told a member of a former Ford team is headed to a current Ford team to serve in a crew chief capacity”.

So why don’t you tell me where it says a former member?

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Tasca Racing needs to deliver and has not. I am surprised Mike Green being added in the off season has done nothing.
Must be hard for Tasca to watch Wilkerson race his way in like always. I would say a look for a new driver may be the answer.
It is beyond thinking with the backing this operation has, making the countdown might not happen. If Neff is involved put his ass in the seat.


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I could go for the stretch that it is Zippy to Tasca. "Former Ford Team" is not exactly ruling out 10 years ago or 1 month ago. My first idea was Green to Alexander or that stretch...Zippy to Alexander. I don't see Lane moving.


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maybe that guido guy (former JFR, now with beckman) is going to call the shots for tasca? mike green back to beckman?


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i'm going to throw out a crazy one.... Oswald who once drove the Motorcraft FC for Candies and Hughes goes to Tasca and Green goes to Antron... lol.. never know

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