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What an off-season. Hard to find a lot info on all the goings on. But so far:

The IHRA was purchased by a large equity firm, TPG.

Scott Gardner no longer president of the IHRA. Supposedly resigned, rumors are that he was fired.

Steve Cole and Royce Miller gone.

Baton Rouge and Cordova races no longer on the Nitro Jam schedule.

Hearing that the World Series of Drag Racing is being moved from Cordova to Tennessee.

Seems like they have a vendetta against Mr. Gardner after running Cordova for years.

Plus this on CP:

I'm all ears if anyone has any more info.

Guess my yearly trip to Nitro Jam in Cordova has come to an end.
the world series and cordova are synonymous.....IMO a legendary annual event in the sport of drag racing.
it is unfathomable that some dickhead would even for a second consider ending it.......and moving it and/or calling it by
any other name would be ending it. PLEASE don't let it happen!!
so few events & personalities left from the past of this great american sport. here is one annual event going longer than
any other and still very healthy.
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