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As a fan of the PDRA, I find the information on the ADRL race on 11/4-11/5 quite encouraging. http://adrltour.com/ Also on Facebook.
Not sure of racer participation, but IMO, this has the makings of a fun weekend at the track. Pro Mod, Outlaw Pro Mod, TAD, TAFC, Extreme Pro Stock, Pro Extreme Motorcycle plus Top Dragster, Top Sportsman and Junior Dragsters. Free Admission, $20 to park. Thoughts?


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I really enjoyed the ADRL. I hope it doesn't conflict with the PDRA schedule or water down participation. I think 1000 feet racing will at least give them a niche while appealing to both 1/8 and 1/4 mile participants.


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I'm covering it for DI. The weather should be absolutely incredible. With the addition of Top Alcohol, I really hope this is a good event for race fans, and not so much just for people who like free stuff.

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