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Who will be the 1st Pro to return ? (1 Viewer)


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Really glad to have Jim Jannard back here posting and was wondering, with some subtle hints that some might return to post, just who do you think will be the 1st surprise Pro to come back online ?
Me ? - I'll back that sweet smellin' guy in that green car :D



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IDK...but let's hope they all start to make it back to the vastly improved 'Mater. TJ Jr, Oberhoffer's, Skuza's, the whole bunch.


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I remember a time when I was exchanging thoughts with Larry Dixon about the Red Wings and also I spoke with the "ACE" about "Indy" 1971 and 1972 with the tree issue between Big John and the "Trader Ray" car !

I truely hope and believe they will come back.............Perry Jr.

Mr. Jean

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I would think that some others are lurking around here. Just taking it in and seeing if things have really changed, before jumping in. Can't say that I blame them.:) Plus they just might be a little busy with, oh I don't know, RACING STUFF? :D Come on in guys and girls, the waters fine.


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lol....I hope Ron DOES come back, but I think he's a little sidetracked (or focused....it's a fine line) this season kids, LEADING THE POINTS! :p :D


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Thanks Jim,

I remember taking to Larry Dixon not too long ago. I think Jim and John Ob...have been here in the past. It seems like Doug Herbert and or Wayne have been here. I sure there are many more I don't remember right off. There were a number of different Pro-stock guys here.

Again, thanks for the effort. :)



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Tell me who the old posters were and I'll make sure to find them in Denver.


Correct me if I am wrong, since the inception of this site the following people have posted on here at one time or another.

Larry Dixon
Wayne Dupuy
Del Worsham
Ace McCulloch

I am sure I am missing some people. One person who I would love to see on here would be Whit Bazemore.


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Virgil Hartman used to post here on occasion. I think he split when we "turned to the dark side." I always enjoyed his posts because he would explain technical stuff to us dunderheads out here in an easy to understand way.
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