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Before all this there was the 1-900-Castrol GTX Hotline with Dave McClelland. $465.25 for the first minute, and $842.79 for each additional minute after that to find out who won on Sunday night at any NHRA National Event. At least it seemed that expensive whenever I got my phone bill at the end of the month. :). I was lucky enough to have people calling me from the airport or hotel rooms to tell me who won. Otherwise you had to wait two weeks to read about it in National Dragster.


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Late 2018, but had lurked for several years prior. I like reading various boards just to stay up-to-date on what's going on, but I'm not much of a poster. The only reason I got an account at all was that a Top Dragster thread had been started and people were asking questions I could help with. Then by the time everything was confirmed and set up, that thread had already run its course and there was nothing to say. So I've been here since, reading often and contributing sporadically.


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I think 2000 or 2001. Heard talk at Indy and joined up. It was great when we had more drivers and owners here. Once we went to real names to cut out the trolls, it also unintentionally took out the drivers that were hiding behind other names as well. Some used their real names others would come have fun under other names and only a few of us knew who they really were. That was awesome when some keyboard crew chief would try to explain to some "random" mater how things work....not realizing that driver is who was holding the trophy after the last race.

Fun memories

-Became a Whit fan after his kindness towards Roger that started here
-Remember the most awkward time in being a moderator watching two heavyweight names go at it over a sponsor deal issue
-Like Chris, I've became great friends off of the mater from people I have met here. There's a group my oldest calls her Racing Uncles
-When the person who ran the pick the winners before me, disappeared late in the season. I was battling for the lead then. I took it over the next year and have sucked ever since :) So grateful to have the system now as doing the spreadsheet with 120+ people was time consuming....although I almost miss Ray emails lighting me up for any mistake lol
So many more


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I foundd this site about the same time I started at a new job in Golden Valley. I believe that would be late 2003.
My original screen name was Dr Rocket. As in Olds Rocket.

I've really enjoyed meeting people at the races.

Steve Wayne

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I believe I first signed up back in 2002, was pretty active back then. Then got busy with life and just kinda lurked around for years without posting. Then re-signed up in 2018, kinda the same, just lurk around daily but dont post much

The Swegian

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-Like Chris, I've became great friends off of the mater from people I have met here. There's a group my oldest calls her Racing Uncles
I think I joined in late 2004, shortly after the 50th US Nationals. PJ, I like to think Mikayla considers me one of those "racing uncles", LOL. I'm not as active on here as I used to be, but the close friendships I've developed with some folks on here mean so much to me. I had been going to one event a year (Brainerd) for years, then went to another event (Indy) for the first time in 1996. Really started attending mater meetings back in 2007. Joe Sherwood was the first one I met at the Vegas fall race 2007. Met Chris Cook, Greg Rice, Tom Burgess, and a bunch of others at that event. Then the flood gates opened for attending races. Went to 8 races in 2008, mostly with Greg Rice, but always hanging out with anyone else who was there...Joe, Chris Cook, John Rogers, PJ, Big Zappy, Paul Rogers, just to name a few. Been to Indy nearly every year since 2007, but last year I wasn't going to attend. The Wednesday before Indy at 4pm, I was calling NHRA to see if I could get a ticket. Yeah, I wanted to see some racing, but it was more about seeing and hanging out with PJ and his daughter, John Rogers, and Greg Rice. Love these people!


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my profile page says i joined in 2006 (im wondering if that is when we went to real names or that is when i first joined)
i have no memory of what brought me here but im glad i found this forum.


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I've joined more than once also, originaly prob arount '01-02 then the last ime in '06, maybe that's when we switched to our real names????


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I seem to remember joining back in 1999 or so. I have been fortunate to become friends with quite a few driver and members on here over the years. One of the good times was hanging out to Jerrod and Darrell Russell in 2001 before the Finals at the Speed Freaks pre race party.


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I've been following the Mater since Scotty Cannon days , just never joined until the end of last year. I've crewed on alcohol and nitro funny cars for a lot of years. A lot of interesting things have been posted on here over the years.


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Profile says 2006 but I’ve been around way longer than that! My original member number was something like #33. I remember moving to the mater from deepstage. Back in the days of cyber Walt and lammies. (I still have a set) I lurk mostly these days. Life has been challenging and doesn’t leave me much free time these days.
Stay Healthy and Safe everyone!
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