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What Do These Cars Have In Common? (1 Viewer)

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Baney-Pink-Snake The Addict
Hawaiian Ramchargers
Howard Cam Rattler Connie Kaliita
Johnson & Mongoose Pete Robinson
James Warren The Greek
Syndicate 2 Cosa Nostra
Jerry Ruth The Purple Gang
Waters & Edmunds Crossley & Beebe
Danny Ongais Green Mountain Boys
The East Side Kids Brissette-Yeats-Brown
Bivens & Fisher El Lobo
Berry Brothers Gottelli & Safford
Bill Hermes Leland Kolb
Sid Waterman The Lizard
Bob Mayer Jeep Hampshire
Wheeler Dealer Jack Ewell
Henry Allen Dennis Fitt
Norm Weekly Childs & Albert
Don Cook The Savage
Butters & Gerard Trooter & Hightower
Walt Stevens Atlas Oil Tool Special
Dwight Salisbury Byron Blair
Beebe & Mulligan Caspary & Stokey
Dyer & Van Luven Fred Farndon
Gary Gabelich Mooneyham & Faust
Brooks & Doss Larry Dixon

I bet Cliff will get this,answer on this question on Sunday.

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OK, how about they are all front engine top fuel cars. I actually saw a lot of these run. Some of these drivers go back to the 1950's, like Leland Kolb. Atlas Oil Tool Spl AA/FD gets my vote as swoopiest, cuz of the tail section on the car that housed the chute. Plus it was a runner.

OK, does anyone remember Pete Robinson and the "jack car"? When Pete went nitro racing, he had one of his super light front motor cars that had a set of jacks under the rear of the chassis. This was when they smoked the tires off the line. Pete would stage & raise the rear tires off the ground & hit the throttle. The tires would start to spin, but car didn't move. At the start, Pete hit a lever & the tires hit the ground already spinning. Pete said it gave him an advantage off the line. Of course, the set up got banned. They didn't call him Sneaky Pete for nothing. altho he hated that name. The year he died, 1971 at Pomona, he had figured out a way to run the Ford SOHC engine, ran a 6.50 at Lions right before Pomona. I think he replaced the chain drive with gears & he said he ran the engine like it was two 4 cyl engines. Pete was an engineer. I think if he'd lived, he would have been right alongside Dale Armstrong as far as knowledge.


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Pete Robinson Jack car was the car that he ran at the 61 Nationals at Indy they didn't allow him to run in competition I'm proud to say we're at the race at lions in 67 but unfortunately we didn't qualify our top gas car from Chicago area


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It was always cool to see out of state cars at Lions. Some I knew and thought, wow, they're here. Once Lions had a big Top Gas meet, to see if someone could break the 6 second barrier. No way was I gonna miss that race! Moates & Williams were there, all the SoCal twins & single engined heavy hitters. All the twins went out & ended up being 2 single engine cars that ran for the $. Can't remember who won, but even if the 6 second barrier wasn't broken, it was still so cool to see all the heavy hitters!

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