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Van's visit with Don Garlits (1 Viewer)


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every drag race fan should visit the museum at least once. Lots of history there.
My wife and I visited Garlits’ museum in 2010. The cars and memorabilia there were absolutely stunning, much more so than the NHRA museum when we went there in 2016.


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Whoever "Motor Lens" is recorded one of Bigs great private tours he offers . Recorded in "portrait" total sucks, but great to have it documented.
Dons memory in his 80s is uncanny , what an unbelievable guy. I wish Don would do one of these with a ProShot crew.
I would guess these tours will now be history .


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I have been to Garlits museum twice (general admission, not the tour) and it truly is a mecca for drag racing fans. I had planned another trip this year, but decided against it due to the Covid 19 thing.
Not to be all doom and gloom, but at his age, I hope he's made arrangements to keep the place going after his ultimate demise. I hope his family/daughters, or anyone for that matter, have as much interest in preserving the history and the cars as he has. I include the cars because, where else are there this many legendary drag racing cars in one spot instead of being scattered all over the country. I've never been there, but I understand The NHRA Museum is more about hot rods than racing vehicles.
Don Garlits is the Babe Ruth, Michael Jordan, Dale Earnhart, Arnold Palmer and Hulk Hogan of the sport of drag racing.


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The place is insane, hard to take in all that’s there. I’m pretty sure his grandson Rodney is going to take the reins eventually.
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