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During Saturday evenings telecast of qualifying from Denver, Mike Ashley, who got a chance to go F/C racing for the past last year via the Worsham/Fink team, made his debut for DSR, having jumped-ship in mid-season (just like Erica Enders ), taking his sponsorship with him:
Ashley, who qualified in the bottom-half of the field (nothing unusual about that ), was given a good 2-3 minute interview at the top-end following a run, where he boasted about joining the DSR team.

Although Ashley qualified at most every race he attended with Worsham/Fink, he was never given air-time like that before:
ironically, his former teammates Phil Burkart and Del Worsham, who BOTH out-qualified Ashley, were never spoken-to on the broadcast, and Worsham's 4th session run wasn't even SHOWN on TV, even-though his is the reigning U.S. Nationals champion.
Nope, no-favoritism going-on there :confused:
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I don't think that Ashley wanted to leave Worsham racing as much as his sponsor did. Evan Knoll has buisness relations with Schumacher and decided to go that route. From what I understand is the had a 1 year contract with Worsham and it expired before St. Louis.

I know your bigger complaint is more with the tv coverage and I agree with that. Mike Ashley is a good personable guy and I truly beleive he has a great future in Funny Car. However the CSK drivers are great as well and CSK needs the exsposure too. CSK has put alot of money into the sport with 2 cars and 2 events. NHRA can't afford to lose them as a sponsor so they should be giving them equal if not more TV time. Phil has made the final in the last two Mile High Nationals so maybe he can make it 3 in a row today.


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It would probably be wise to find out exactly who is responsible for arranging the stories and interviews. Is it the ESPN producer, NHRA promo, or a combination of the two? Perhaps somebody that actually knows how the shows are put together will enlighten us on the mechanics of production decisions.

It seems to me that in at least this case that the story was Mike Ashley in a new ride and qualifying, thus it's "news". I don't see any favortism in that at all. Same can be said for the interviews with Erica and Tom Lee.


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Highlite of the whole broadcast was Dave just short of receiving an Impact gun sideways. Yeah, liked to look at the crews, but, like anything else, timing is everything. Also knowing when to back off

A famous Viper once said, "There are two types of people at the track, those helping make the car go fast... And People in the WAY"

Bobby Bennett

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John, there is no conspiracy at all. Look at the news angle and you'll see why Mike Ashley and Erica Enders got interviews. Mike Ashley is in his first race with a new team as is Enders.

Ashley for Mike jumping ship as you noted, the contract began the day after St. Louis event in 2005 and was scheduled to conclude at St. Louis. Evan Knoll was forming his own team and wanted Ashley to drive...The sponsorship (SKULL Gear) came with Ashley and a Torco associate was also brought to Worsham and remains even though he left.

As for the interview, 60 - 90 seconds tops.

I know what you are trying to say...but when coupled with the facts...your allegations have no merit.


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i think it was just as said people changing rides mid season and making the show!
you have to remember not everyone reads message boards?
there are some fans that proubly were saying when did all this stuff happen?
guess they need to get hooked up to the mater so they are in the know!:D
as far as bias TV interviews it kinda goes like nascar.
they have a handfull of people they are the choosen ones like little E tony stewart jeff gordon etc,etc, that no matter where they finish in the race they will get a interview!
there are guys running the circuit that just dont get the TV time unless they win! it sucks but it's true ie worsham,burkhart, densham,etc,etc. you get my point?:cool: just my .02


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News is news. When a large team adds a car it gets coverage. It is the same in just about every industry. If HP adds a crap box computer to its lineup the computer press is all over it. If an unknown vendor or lessor know vendor, or a vendor with simply less visibility adds a new computer to its lineup, regardloess of how earth shattering it may be, they can't "buy" an editor's time, let alone have a press release published or a story written about them.

There are significant occurances every day that never make any news at all but when a large and visible team sneezes the press are all over it. In my opinion, it is just how the world works. :)


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It's all about where the news is at. Did team Worsham do anything to generate an interview? Mike Ashley moving to DSR is news.


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maybe the original poster is just tired of the growing schumacher team. where does it end? is it good for the sport? why wouldn't an interview with the team he left be just as much a part of the story? how do they feel about it? who replaced Mike if anyone? was that part of the story? I didn't see it if it was.


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I'll tell you what I noticed during Qualifying? How Glad I am that I didn't make that trip and Roast in those Oven stands!!!!:eek:


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NHRA2Day had a nice piece from the Worsham team this morning, showing their blower dyno in operation. I think some are reading too much into stuff like who gets interviewed at the top end.


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one thing i noticed was when gary g was doing interview with tommy lee he didnt seem to realize he ran ihra prostock for yrs, but i did hear them mention ihra one time , rumors abound that norwalk is ging nhra again , time will tell


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Well the show without Mike would have been 17 cars.
One more than needed unless someone wrecked. Whatever the situation Big Team or little team we should be glad of no short fields.
I would not be surprised if it happened!
IHRA has not had many full A/FC fields even last year before Fuel F/C.
NASCAR always has at least 10 cars that get lapped within the first twenty.
If Evan and Jim and Shue were not here their would be less to watch I'd wager.
Ask some of the Guys who standing on the sidelines watching instead of racing if they think it should be a small teams only sport.
Not going to say who they are cause most everyone on this site right now knows!
That is what is needed , you can say what you want but you don't have to put personal names to it to get a point across.
This is not aimed at you DY yours was a good post and does deserve an answer. I don't know the answer but I can see the consequences of relying on underfunded small teams.
Mike is a likable guy and the move is news as already said and there is no team more deserving of good publicity than the Worsham's and I know they will get theirs . Hopefully good winning shots and what is the deal with the color change DEL ? Anybody ?
Larry00 in another life!


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Just landed in NY! First off I want to thank all of you for your support and kind words. I was very happy with our results this weekend all things considered. Brian Corradi and the team worked 12-15 hour days everyday since St. Louis to put our entire team, car and equipment together. I never sat in the car with the body down until 20 minutes before the race. We would have liked to qualified better but new car bugs just bit us along the way. I also would have liked to not had red lit like an over anxious bone head but I did. TJ accidently, and it was an accident, (he's a first class guy) put on both bulbs and it through my rhythm off. That can't happen when you are professional and I have to work on that. I have to say Don, Mike Lewis and the whole team including Gary, Whit, Ron Todd all of them have been right there to offer advice and help. I'm looking forward to giving Evan some well deserved wins from his new team soon. I know it's coming!:)

Expect to win,

Mike Ashley


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mike car looked sweeeet, have always loved your cars ,the stude was one of my favs. any chance u running martin or norwalk if not in the flopper in promod?
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