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This was a monster event with a format change and a humongous field, the unreal 1969 Manufacturers Funny Car Championships at the awesome Orange County International Raceway in the heartland of drag racing, the unbeatable Southern California, home of the nations big-3 .

This mega event had a major format change from the 2 previous epic races from 67 and 68. This was now a 2-day qualified show and it was really some event.

The promo: The largest gathering of Funny Cars ever assembled, the richest and largest Funny Car purse in the history of Drag Racing on a Friday and Saturday!

Friday November 7th, 1969.
70 Funny Cars qualifying for 4 hours!
Pit Gates [email protected]:00pm.
Spec Gates [email protected]:00pm
"Team" Qualifying From 7:00pm-11:00pm.
Funny Cars Only!
Admission:$3.00 Pit Pass:$1.00

Saturday November 8th, 1969.
Quickest 32 "Team" Qualifiers.
3-Rounds Of Racing
2-quickest who made all 3-rounds race for the "Drivers Championships."
Time [email protected]:00pm.
Drivers [email protected]:30pm.
Admission:$4.00 Pit Pass:$1.00
1 All Inclusive Dial Your Own Brackett Limited to the 1st 150 Cars.

This is where it gets outrageously awesome people, the team line-up. Think about this field, the numbers and the talent...sheez...............!

*Team Chrysler*
1.Chi Town Hustler
2.Gene Snow
3.Candies & Hughes
4.Don Shumacher
5.Big John Mazmanian
6.The Hawaiian
7.Chris Karemensines }14 CARS PRE_ENTERED!
8.Dodge Fever
9.Fred Goeske
10.MCS Dart
11.Mike Miller
12.Paula Murphy
13.Ray Alley
14.Della Wood

*Team General Motors*
1.Jungle Jim
2.Seatons Shaker
3.Dick Harrell
4.Screamin Eagle
5.Mart Higinbothom
6.Mako Shark
7.Kelly Chadwick
8.Jess Tyree
9.Pisano Bros.
10.Gordon Mineo
11.Larry Christopherson } 21 CARS ENTERED!
12.Big Mike Burkhart
13.Steve Bovan
14.Malcom Durham
15.Randy Walls
16.Sturm & Fisher
17.Bad Bascombs Ghost
18.Parts Mart
19.Bob Bedell
20.Vicious Too
21.Clare Sanders

*Team Ford/Mercury*
1.Danny Ongais
2.Coleman's Super Ford
3.Tommy Grove
4.Dick Loehr
5.Connie Kalitta } 10 CARS PRE-ENTERED
6.Mike Van Sant
7.Gas Rhonda
8.Larry Fullerton
9.Kenz & Leslie
10.Souza Bros.

*Team Wacky Racers*
2.Hellfire Corvette
4.Javelin 2
5.Frantic Ford
6.Marv Eldridge
7.Rusty Dellings
8.Harry Schmidt
9.Holy Toledo
10.Proud American } 20 CARS PRE-ENTERED
11.Gene Conway
12.Clyde Morgan
13.New Breed
14.Warren Gunter
15.Cogo Eads
16.Mike Thermos
17.Phony Pony
18.Marc Susman
19.Vic Morse
20.Robert Picker

Top Speed-$100
Low ET-$100
Winning Team-$800-$100 Per Driver
Driver Champion-$200

Unreal folks, more later!

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Warren Gunter - Durachrome Bug. Rat power. That was a cool, if not too straight running, car. heh And the Wacky Racers. Oh yeah.... And I don't remember if I was at this race. Maybe I was.
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