Strip No Longer Around You Wish You Could Visit for 1st Time? (1 Viewer)


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Being an east coaster, I'd say the big California tracks from the early days: Lions, OCIR, and Ontario.

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Lions for me too. Have heard so much about it. Also US 30-I remember all the radio ads for it when I was young, living in Chicago: Sunday, Sunday, Sunday... Will always remember my first dragstrip-Baylands in Fremont. Brad Anderson in a Funny Car. Got me hooked!


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I moved to California immediately after graduating from Montana State University in 1973. And I mean IMMEDIATELY AFTER! I arrived in California before the graduation ceremony took place, drawn by hot rods, hot girls, warm weather and opportunity. I just missed Lions and have long regretted that. But I did make many races at OCIR, Irwindale and Ontario Motor Speedway. And I did get up to Fremont. Those were the days! Another track and event I would have very much liked attending would have been the first World Finals.
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