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There’s a lot to appreciate about what NHRA does and of course like everything else, not perfect. But I’ll touch on just two things. I’m a fan of Alan’s work, both at the track and on TV. He makes the experience fun, knowledgeable and is key to the entertainment of the sport. The announcing, nitro schools, informal one on one conversation, opening up his track email, participating in this forum all benefits the fans. Nice work.

Another is the Safety Safari. How many times have you seen them dry the track 4-5 times in a long day in addition to saving lives and equipment? I remember seeing the fire suited guys returning from the end of the strip (90 degrees too) and thinking how good it was they were going to cool off during a break. Nope. They came to the starting lime to scrape hot rubber! Consider your work noticed and appreciated.

Can’t wait for next season.


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agree 100% dan .. alan is a gem and ditto on the safety safari!!
And my respect for the nhra grows each year. every year i look forward to going to the races. last year gainesville, this year maple grove. its always a great day and nhra makes it possible. thank you nhra


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I know these guys and gals don't get the attention they deserve but there are no harder workers in drag racing then the team of employees at Nhra. From the girls at the Nhra office in Glendora that prints the hard cards, or Alan Reinhart and the team of track announcers, to the Safety Safari that has to sit on the back of the trucks while wearing those thick fire suites in 100+deg weather. Then you have Buggy and Cowboy that does an amazing job of mapping, measuring, marking, and parking all of the haulers. But, I think some of the hardest workers of all are nitro maters very own Corey Daggett and his team of track preppers that have to go in and scrape the whole track before they can start prepping it. If it wasn't for those guys and gals we wouldn't see near the stellar runs or side by side racing we get to watch.
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