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Was in training for it today, looks awesome. Many great features and totally looks better than XP.

BTW, if you're going to get Vista here are my recommended minimum system specs. Don't listen to Microsoft's, they are garbage.

Real system requirements:

CPU: 2.0GHz or higher.*
RAM: 1.0GB or higher, 2.0GB recommended.
Video card: 128mb miminum, 256mb recommended. Better if it's a dedicated card rather than "on-board" video that uses part of the system RAM for it's memory.
Hard drive: 80GB or higher.
DVD drive.
Broadband connection.

Oh, and unless you feel you need Microsoft's tech support, go to and get an OEM copy. Same as retail but with no tech support (you won't miss it, trust me) and no pretty retail box for half price.

I'm getting the ultimate edition when I get my new comp. :D

*Any of the new Core 2 Duos from Intel from the E6300 on will run Vista perfectly.
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Gotta agree w/ you...Vista looks good... Thanks for your opinion. I am clueless w/ computer stuff but will follow-up w/ your rec. specs...

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I'll wait at least a yr before I go there.

What a system resource hog..oh..and it looks they they are copying Mac OS X..and have in lots of ways.

I have no faith in Microsoft with anything newly released.

It seems the Aero interface is more about the eye candy..vs functionality.

I'm sure I'll make the leap..but I'll let the bugs get worked out..on your system..first.:D


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I got XP when it first came out, I know Microsoft doesn't really know how to make a good O/S but as long as you do all the patches and service packs and use Firefox instead of IE you should be OK.

I have a feeling Vista is to be tied with 2000 as the "best" O/S that Microsoft came out with.

BTW I know Vista is a rip-off of MAC OS X.


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I haven't used Internet Exploder for 2 yrs..I actually like XP.

My Automatic Updates tells me when an update is available..I only do Criticals.

I did support for Hewlett Packard in 98-99

Vista seemed to have fixed the majority of the setting up the Networking hassles in previous systems.

I just have an issue with the resources shouldn't take a gig of ram just to run the OS..or 128mb of video memory for the interface.

I've read where anything Java won't run in Vista either..LOL..take that SUN.


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It'll run on 512mb of memory, but it'll run like crap.

And yes, I love the new network features on Vista as well as the shadow copy.

As far as the video card, you can get away with only using a 64mb card but the "aero" feature will be turned off.


Death to VISTA.....

Viva el MAC FTW!


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