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Those are all good methods and easy to police. They have the blowers off and apart enough to do a quick visual or measure. P&G gauge to check displacement, and Whistler to check CR. Count teeth on pulleys to figure blower overdrive. Just to keep everybody honest ;)


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When I raced they didn't prep tracks and it was no big deal VHT, but with et and speeds they're running now it has become a safety factor.
CompetitionPlus.com has obtained a copy of a letter dated Nov. 20 that NHRA sent to nitro teams regarding its plans to continue with the track prep in the 2019 season
--does not intend to implement a performance-based mechanical change in Top Fuel and Funny Car to start the 2019 season
-- In the letter it states, if mechanical changes are deemed necessary, at present we believe they would most likely be implemented in the order shown below (subject to change):

but I do not know when the decision was made to go forward with step 1)

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