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Thanks Shannon! This was really interesting. All the "stuff" that is under the cowl. I see a lot of that on S/C dragsters and this looks even more complicated. Gotta have it though to run modern day nitro cars.


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On a personal note; back in 2005-06 my son (10 at the time) came to me with a drawing of a nitro engine, with a wire wrapped around it. This "wire" would kill the ignition and cause the parachutes to deploy in the event the circuit was broken. I thought it was a noble idea and we talked through it for a while...but being 10, he lost interest and it went away.

Heck, back when I was a kid, 30+ years ago, I would measure out just enough Crystal Light, for my sized glass and put it in baggies. This kept me from having to make a big pitcher. This was the first "drink packet"...LOL

Oh what could have been!
I'm sure we all have had instances like this
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