Rookie frontrunner Neff targets supporting teammates (1 Viewer)

Rookie frontrunner Neff targets supporting teammates
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Richmond, Va. -- Rookie of the Year frontrunner Mike Neff hasn’t completely conceded the 2008 POWERade championship but he realistically knows that too many drivers in front of him would have to stumble to give the Old Spice Ford Mustang a chance. Three of those drivers are his teammates so Neff is focusing on giving them every advantage by knocking out as many Countdown competitors as possible.

In Memphis Neff took out one of the hottest drivers lately when he trailered Jack Beckman in the second round at Memphis Motorsports Park. Neff knew that getting past Beckman would dramatically help out teammate Robert Hight as well as Ashley Force and John Force. Heading into the race Neff was confident but he was also excited.

“I felt it was going to be a good tight race. Really the biggest thing was I wanted to be able to help out the team. I wanted to be able to help Robert, John and Ashley out. We just wanted to do our part. That is what needs to happen,” said Neff. “For one of these cars to win the championship the other ones are going to need to stop these other guys that are in contention. I knew it was a big run but I wasn’t all worked up. I just wanted to make sure we did our job.”

Neff has been the consummate teammate all season beginning with his partnership with Old Spice crew chief John Medlen. Throughout the season Neff has worked with Robert Hight and Jimmy Prock on the Auto Club team acting as a sounding board for their championship contending team. Neff has also enjoyed being a teammate with 2007 rookie of the year Ashley Force as both young drivers continue to pick up driving skills and techniques from Hight and team leader John Force.

“That is the thing about being here at JFR is this is a team. It is one team and you really want to be able to help your teammates out when you have the opportunity,” added Neff.
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