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I just read that Christine McVie passed away today.
Fleetwood Mac put on a show in Little Rock when they were promoting “Rumours.”
Everybody at the time was lusting over Steve Nicks.
But, Christine was gorgeous. Her voice can melt your heart.
It was a great show.
She was 79 and still beautiful and I hate to hear that she’s gone.


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So sad, thanks Ted for posting. I heard about her death this morning, And you are right she is
gorgeous and her voice was the best, be it Chicken Shack or Fleetwood Mac.
Christine Perfect your music will live on forever! Saw the Mac 1976, Seattle.

Maybe just maybe, my all time favorite Christine song, From the 1970 album Kiln House.
Christine also did the cover art for the album

I had to add one more, from my favorite Mac album. 1972 Bare Trees

From Mystery To Me 1973
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Unpopular opinion, but she was my favorite Fleetwood Mac lead singer. I like Stevie and Lindsey fine enough, but Christine's songs resonate with me more (I don't like blues at all, so the Peter Green era does nothing for me).
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