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Q1 Problem For Blake Alexander (1 Viewer)


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It looks like Blake had the same problem as he did in rnd 1 at Atlanta with not being able to start it, including the parachutes popping out.


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I noticed they were in the brain box thrashing around before the chutes popped. Just curious if something electrical shorts out in the car does it automatically activate the leahy system?

Just Paul

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Man that was rough to watch. I can't imagine being strapped in and having to do that all over again.

Kudos to Jim Head. They gave Blake a ton of time, and an NHRA offical finally told Jim to start the car, and Jim put his finger up to tell him give them another minute, which they did.


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they announced over the pa later that day before the second qualifying run that the team found the problem when they got back to the pits. one of the shut off sensors was leaking air pressure causing the safety shut-off to be activated.

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