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Nostalgia Funny Car racer Dan Horan Jr. takes a high-speed ride into sand trap (1 Viewer)


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and Del Worsham a couple of times too. That was the first pass on a brand new chassis. Seems someone forgot to hook up that Lahey thangy.

He'll be ready for the March Meet with both the funny car and dragster. Trust me, there's plenty of resources on that team.


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If I'm not mistaken, Del's FC body is on the wall at the Grill that's next to the alcohol pits.
They remodeled the sports bar
and it's not up there anymore. There were a few of us sitting in there having dinnner a few years ago and Chuck laughed and made the comment that they never paid us for that body. :) There is a piece of the body from Pomona hanging on the wall up in Worshams bowling lanes up above their shop.
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