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NHRA TV Show Rant (1 Viewer)

Tom Slick

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PLEASE stop with all of the Covid protocol BS on the broadcast, it's freakin nauseating. Every intro to the show, every commercial break, etc. you continually show fans wearing masks, hand santatizer, temperature checks...blah blah blah. We get it, you are pulling off national events and are proud of your Covid protocol, but this fan is sick and tired of seeing and hearing about it. We live with this garbage all day, every day and the last thing that I want to see or hear about during my favorite pastime is more Covid BS. Please STOP.


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I know what you mean, it's like they're constantly saying "See, we're doing what we're supposed to!", lol. But I kind of get it.


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I agree. We live it 24/7.... no need to remind us every 5 minutes.

Overall, I enjoyed the broadcast otherwise.


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I am glad they do it because people in my part of the world still live in denial. Yes, my super pro car has been parked since March and yes, I am jones-ing very severely to be back at my track. But... while out walking our dog this morning, we saw over two dozen people without masks, we were the only ones to be masked. Point of this, we ALL need to help control this thing ASAP for health and for racing. A reminder every 15 minutes is ok with me.


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I greatly resent having to wear the mask. Pisses me off every time I don it.
However, I do it because I don't want to get the business owners in trouble. While Indiana may be a more politically favorable environment, we still "play" at the discretion of politicians (not scientists).
I've already had my September Paris/Amsterdam trip canceled and beginning to worry if my late September Savannah weekend will happen - I certainly don't want my first-ever Las Vegas race scuttled because some scaredy-cat politician thinks somebody might sneeze without "protection".
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