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NHRA.TV 2020 renewing or not ? (1 Viewer)


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Informal poll.... Renewing NHRA.TV in 2020 or not ? Me not renewing... gave them a 2nd chance (purchased 6 race package) Why , Announcers still talking over the cars (Costollo is the worst) out of the 6 races, I had some sort of issuses in 5 of them.


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Haven't decided for sure but leaning toward not renewing. Love the service when it works like it should but way to often it does not.


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For sure renewing. They seem to have some type of issue every weekend but it is usually fixed by Sunday. They at least post the replays in a timely manner that they didn’t do in previous years. This is something I’ve wanted my entire life so I will gladly pay the small amount to watch it.


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Doubtful. I actually found that I watched less races this year then when I just watched the normal TV coverage. Issues early in the season really sucked, but they did get better. Still not great but better.

As a sportsman fan I was really disappointed with the camera angles at many of the tracks. I get that we aren't going to have the same level of care as when the pro's are on but having a camera feet from the starting line you miss most of a wheels up launch, then they often have a camera on the track, that really doesn't provide a good view. At one race they would switch to a camera from the sand traps for the second half of the race. You were so far away from the finish line it was pointless.

Not counting quality, the price is good for that many races, but I'm not sure if I even watched 1/3 of the events. Before I would either record or live watch the network show for just about every race until Indy. On the plus side, I didn't have any Fox coverage after the Winternationals this year so I wasn't stuck listening to Tony P....hell that alone might be worth renewing


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I only tried one of the weekend deals and mostly it was good and for some events I can watch in the afternoon instead of the evening or record to watch the next day. Big decision is to just order the service or go with the Platinum NHRA membership that includes NHRA.tv....????


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I will renew despite the few issues, you still can't beat what you get for the money. Basically what it costs to do one day at a National event you can watch them all.


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I definitely will. That’s the only way I get to see the end of a race. I have to DVR most races and Fox always cuts off when the time is up. And they usually run overtime. On NHRA.TV I can rewind later and see t finals. It’s worth every penny , despite the issues they have.


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I signed up for a couple of races this past season and to be honest, it wasn't all that bad.
I'll probably do the full pull this year because FS1 was bad about loosing the signal and I had to restart their app.
Being a tech head, I understand (sometimes) why bad things happens to good viewers. Most of the time, it's a broadcast problem and sometimes it's a viewer probably.
What I mean by that is, there is so much technology between the race itself and a viewers TV, something hiccups and the viewer gets a lousy signal. And sometimes the viewer
doesn't have their equipment (TV and/or their streaming box) tweaked just right.

Von Halen

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Even if I say no right now, I'll probably still end up renewing. Even with the issues, and the volume being too high for the announcers and too low for the cars.

Like Ken, I'm wondering if I should just do the NHRA Platinum package?


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Positively will/have renewed, a couple of minor issues, but to be able to watch entire events is terrific.

I'm in until Dementia kicks in.


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The pros outweigh the cons for me (If the Roku app doesn't work I have a Chromecast as a plan B) so yes, for sure I'll be renewing.
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