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Ooops. :D

At last year's 2019 schedule announcement in July, there were not a lot more races with sponsors at that time, 13 events.



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I know for a fact Mac Tooks wanted a long term commitment for US Nationals but NHRA price themselves right out of the Market


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Epping moves to late August. I'm ok with that but third change in four years...
It's actually kind of messed up. None of these crew guys are going to have any home time July and August. They'll be on the road almost every weekend. At least with Brained rolling into Indy they have 2 weeks at home (assuming they are based in Indy, which most are) with Indy testing and US Nats. It makes zero logistical sense to go from West coast → Midwest → Northeast → Midwest.


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this year (2019) there are 4 races back to back starting in chicago on 5/30, then each week topeka, bristol, norwalk. then a 2 week break until new england, then 2 weeks until west swing for 3 weeks.
then 2 weeks BIR, then 2 weeks indy.

next year (2020) there is a 1 week break between houston and charlotte, then a 3 week break between charlotte and atlanta, then 2 weeks until virginia, then 2 weeks until topeka,
bristol, norwalk, 3 races back to back........chicago will now join the western swing as 4 races in a row, then a 2 week break, then BIR and N.E. back to back, then 2 weeks until indy.
labor day is early this year. this year indy is 8/28-9/2.......next year it will be 9/2-9/7
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