NASA getting ready to launch Artemis 1 on Monday, Aug. 29 (1 Viewer)

The NASA site is now saying the test will be performed on Wednesday, September 21.
Here's the latest information about potential launch dates:

  • Sept 27: 70-minute launch window opens at 11:37 a.m. EDT; landing on Nov. 5
  • Under review – Oct. 2: 109-minute launch window opens at 2:52 p.m.; landing on Nov. 11
Due to Hurricane Ian’s expected path, NASA is going to roll the rocket back to the Vehicle Assembly Building to protect it from the weather.
A November launch is now projected.
Good thing they did roll it back into the VAB. Ian is hitting Florida pretty hard today, especially on the west coast. Here in South Florida we've gotten 4-6 inches of rain overnight with more to come.
NASA has set November 14 at 0007 eastern for the next launch attempt.
with delays even. thought it was going to be scrubbed again. bob, were you still up and watching for it in sky?
The Artemis capsule splashed down today, after a successful mission.

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