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Hmmmmm Could have been World of Wheels. I just remember it being somewhere in LA. Maybe Convention Center or something like that. Car shows were starting to make a come back then, so early 70's.
The last Custom-Hot Hod Car Show I went to was in 1984 ( Seattle ). Garlits was there signing handouts stood in the
line for maybe 10 minutes, got up there and was going to ask him a question. But he looked and seemed really grumpy.
Got the signed handout and hit the road. Still have the handout


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KRLA! Waaaaay back in the 60's and 70's, that was one of the best AM rock n roll stations in SoCal. Lessee, KRLA, KFWB, KDAY (all AM) & a few others that I can't remember. But those 3 were set on the car radio. Also remember KRTH, FM, from the early 70's. Played 50's music at first. Inspired me to get an AM / FM radio installed in my Pinto. Was so used to AM, that it blew me away to listen to FM. Two speakers.... heh Oh, I'd gone to a car show in LA & Wolfman Jack was there & KRTH (K-EARTH 101) was doing the broadcast, and that was how I found out about the station. I used to hear Wolfman Jack on XERB in Del Rio, Texas (well, the station was on the Mexican side) and we'd listen at night, when I was in Roswell. Also KOMA from Okla City at night - better music than the local Roswell stations. :)
KRLA was the BEST!!! Great all-star lineup of disc jockeys and outstanding music.
I remember all the great drag racing commercials...BE THERE!


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I know of KRLA from The Bobby Fuller Four album. Considering it has two of my favorite songs from the '60s, I hold it in pretty high regard. The album cover is pretty good, too.

Gone Dead Train

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Cliff and Ken you have to remember this deal. Saw Larry Dixon at Seattle in this AA/FD at least one time maybe two times.
"The Real" Don Steele was a DJ back in the 60's and 70's in L.A. and was on KRLA and other stations. Remember when
he sponsored the Dixon & Dunn AA/FD.


AA/FD Larry Dixon in the seat at Ontario. BBC on nitro

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Gone Dead Train

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The Brick. Ed Lenarth, Holy Toledo Jeep.

Cliff remember when Leah Pruett drove the reincarnation of the "Holy Toledo" at the
2009 March Meet. Not as cool as the original.


Mike Ward Photo


AA/FC 1968 at the Dale. Ed Lenarth taking on Bob Pickett in the "Mr. Pickett" AMC Javelin body nitro flopper
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I saw the "new" Brick at Wild Horse a few years ago. They had a great nostalgia show once. (Once) I think the Brick ran 5.99 ???? Not sure. Used to see the original at Lions, etc


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All of John Collins Pioneer cars! The Duster, 280z, 77 Firebird. Tom Hoover had some sweet rides.
Agree with the John Collins Pioneer cars; nice blend of colors. Some of the others who always had cars I liked were Joe Pisano and Lil' John Lombardo.

My favorites were:
The blue "Pete's Lil' Demon" driven by Bob Pickett
The red on white "Ramchargers" car (another '72 Demon)
Mickey Thompson's "U.S. Marines" Grand Am, also driven by Bob Pickett
Larry Fullerton's '75 Mustang II "Trojan Horse"
Jim Green's "Green Elephant" Vega(s)


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Snake's Army Monza
The Chicagoan '77 Mustang - Pat Cress
Veney's Vega - Ken Veney
Mandingo Vega - Ron Jackson
The Blue Max '73 Mach 1 Mustang - Richard Tharp
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Pretty much any Chi-Town Hustler
1969 Hawaiian
1969 Mr. Norm's Grand Spalding Dodge Super Charger
Barry Setzer Vega
Mike Dunn Pisano Oldsmobile (1988 I believe)
And a BUNCH of others.....


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bob picketts' US Marines grand am
army monza (with olympia beer on back posts)
buick somerset regal war eagle
tom hoover's late 70's showtime vette
chi-town hustler late 70's / early 80's
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Not seen often in color, M/T's red car had great lines and I personally think it's due to the proportions of the body. It almost looks stock.
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