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Here are my top 3 Funny Car drivers that were animals behind the wheel showing no forgiveness for the car or parts, once again, caution, this is not a mundane re-post,

In no order

Terry Hedrick, as stated in another thread, this dude was ridiculously hard on the car and parts mainly driving Pete Seaton's Corvair, dude just beat the tar out of that car every time behind the wheel.

Russell Long, when he drove Dennis Fowlers Sundance ride, he would do just hammer down burnouts and actually shifting during the tire warming process. There is a YouTube video from U.S. #30 in Gary, Indiana were you can here him shift on the 1/8 mi tire smoker.

Johnny White, driving the "Houston Hustler" Mustang, another AA/FC driver who showed zero mercy to his equipment. One national event at Ontario, if you remember the cars were lit and had a long approach to the burn out box. White fired up that thing, the body lowered, he got a head of steam and hit the water I would say at least 40mph and just hammered and buried the throttle and did a crazy and wild tire warmer. A few later So-Cal appearances confirmed this dude was a hammer behind the wheel.

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