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Would it be possible or probable for the racing division of X,Y or Z Motor Company to add a few goodies to the "stock" ecu in these new factory stock cars?

I am pretty familiar with the Suzuki Hayabusa. An enterprising guy from Europe unlocked the ECU box and discovered some pretty cool stuff that happened to be riding along with the stock controls. What's to stop X,Y,Z Motor Company from "accidentally" installing a slew rate algorythm or two or three that just happens to use the wide variety of sensor inputs that are now stock on most vehicles. Wouldn't it be interesting if it was just a matter of knowing that you need to push the radio bass control while holding down the passenger air bag disable to "record" a run.

The scary part of this brave new world of computer control is so few people know anything about how to hack a modern ecu and look around inside. Not many of us would be willing to cruise through 2 or 3 million lines of code to find a hidden counter/timer.
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