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Whats the latest with Mike Dunn? Is he staying at the IHRA, will they have Fuel Classes in 2018 and whats happening with the advisory board.


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I was really hoping that this time the I.H.R.A. would be successful and get their act together but once again it looks like that is not going to happen.

Mike Dunn is a class act guy and even with his knowledge and years of experience it's still hard to turn the ship around.

This time proves that it takes more then just deep pockets for anyone interested in making the I.H.RA. great again.

What's next for the I.H.R.A. is anyone's guess at this point.

Just my opinion. Jim Hill
Off topic, sort of related, the AHRA is coming back for the 2018 season. It is going to give the IHRA a run for it's money. I am trying to get a local outlaw track sanctioned with the AHRA, and I am really liking what I am seeing and hearing so far. I can foresee the IHRA not being in "second place" in the next few years. Granted, there is about a dozen smaller groups that would be of similar size to the AHRA. But, they are not governing bodies.

Now, back on topic... The IHRA email that came out yesterday states that Mike Dunn is only a consultant now, and will be doing other things outside of the IHRA and drag racing. The way I see it, they have given him a check so that they can use his name to save face. In my opinion, Mike Dunn was only a pretty face in the window, with a big name the whole time. He had no pull, and all of the levers were being pulled by someone over his head. President was just a fancy status the no authority I have read that the IHRA office has went from 30 employees a year or two ago, to just 8, currently. The new AHRA is not very far behind that, from what I can see. It looks like doom and gloom for the IHRA in the next few years, if someone else does not purchase them and clear house. IRG does not seem to care about them any longer.


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Justin Calkins:

The A.H.R.A. has been trying for years now to start again with very little success so far.

There are many reasons why they have not been very successful from finding tracks to sign up to money issues and the history of the A.H.R.A. Association is full of broken promises and promoters who never got paid and even members who paid their dues and never received anything in return.

I know many racers who have told me they will never agree to race with the A.H.R.A. again under any conditions because they all got screwed out of their money along with the track promoters who put on the events.

Please read the about the history of the A.H.R.A. and all of the different people who at one time or another ran this group and I think you will understand why many racers want nothing to do with them.

With the reputation the A.H.R.A. had I am really surprised they just don't organize a new group under a different name because calling it the A.H.R.A. is going to be the kiss of death for them.

Just my opinion
Jim Hill
I know all about the AHRA's colorful past. It is must like the ADRL's history. But, suggesting that this NEW COMPANY with fail no matter what, is much the same as suggesting that Earth is flat. We shall all believe what we will, and time with tell who was correct. I very much hope that the AHRA will be successful with the NEW VENTURE. I am personally tired of my local tracks switching from NHRA to IHRA and then back again every year. Having a new tribe to choose from is refreshing.
Thank You Jim, I hope so too. The two main AHRA guys are driving up from Tennessee to Iowa two days before Christmas to look at the track. They seem to be on top of stuff, and looking to make their mark on the 2018 racing season. This has all come together within just four days.
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