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Jason Line Retiring from Driving After 2020 Season (1 Viewer)


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i'd like to see Connolly get the spot, plus i wonder if and when Anderson passes WJ's all time win record, would he consider stepping back. It would also be nice when these driving opportunities pop up, someone doesn't simply inherit the ride, but get it on merit !


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a little bluebird whispered something in my ear this mite happen. jason has nothing more to prove behind the wheel.
a great run and a great move for him. IMO he has taken KB racing where it is today. PS is 50, JL is 50, 50 wins in nhra PS, and hopefully he walks away from orlando with 50k.
i think greg is on same driver retirement plan as john force. pretty much non existant
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I saw an article years ago where they asked Jason, Driving the car or Dyno. He said Dyno. That's what he did working for Joe Gibbs.

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Jason has talked about stopping driving for several years. As the cars using KB power keep increasing, it really creates a burden for him to do the tuning and driving. Since he would prefer to do the tuning and engine building, probably not a tough choice for him. Have to ask him at Pomona if he will still be out at the track in 2021 working on the cars or if he will stay in the shop. Could certainly see him doing both. I will miss him as I have gotten to know him a bit over the years. He comes up with some great comments in his interviews. I have stolen "the trend is directionally correct" from him!


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and unretire and then retire again. How many times have we seen this? I wish him the best if he actually retires but I doubt to will last long.


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Good interview.....it appears that Jason told Ken he wasn't going to drive after this season, not the other way around (thus hopefully no funding issues).



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Wouldn't surprise me to see him start making a few laps in his old Buick stocker once in a while.
he already does. along with another NC guy who drives a twin '70 BGS, but he runs a different class if both cars are at same event......and like brian b. said,
last year at some nat. events there were up to 7, i think, PS'rs with KB power......tuning AND driving. yikes.


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I was thinking maybe he wants .more family time but, he tunes multiple KB cars so would be still be at the races tuning or giving up the tuning part too?


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Just maybe he wants to stick around with his kids and enjoy their adolescence. I have a feeling we will be seeing a Line in a pro stocker down the road.

Frankly, with KB trying to be a profitable engine supplier, he really needs to be running the engine lease operation full time.
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