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I get the whole business model of the NHRA and the deal with the tv show but instead of the NHRA stating there tv deal isnt a lucrative one like NASCAR how about looking at it as an advertisement (investment) and trying to get new fans. If the NHRA was to run one race in Indy or somewhere close for the teams with out fans now and show during the broadcast the access a fan can have in the future may be the NHRA could gain some new fans in the regions where races will be allowed to have fans. Right now nothing is on tv but NASCAR and reruns, before the world gets going again get some of the fastest racing back on TV.

Just my .02

God bless all.


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I think the announcers can add to it especially without fans by explaining whats going on and how up close you can get to the action. Plus sponsors need exposure, teams need sponsors, running in iracing isnt helping.
Not the current TV announcers.


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Just discussing here, but Anthony said he thinks the TV announcers need to explain what's going on and the way I read that was to be more educational. And Dave says they can't.

I know that the TV announcers (remember I am one of them) are told to try to educate as well as inform and entertain, but often it seems when they educate, some think that they shouldn't take the time to explain some of the nuances (Holeshot dropped cylinder etc.) because "Everybody knows that"

One thing you learn very early in this business is that you are never going to please everyone. And that those who don't care for you will let you know. You have to try to find a balance that the hard core fans will enjoy, and the new fans will learn because the more you understand what you are seeing, the more you will enjoy watching.

I also am willing to listen if someone wants to offer criticism. But if someone just wants to tell me that I suck? Well, Thanks for buying a ticket to tell me that.



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Nah Alan,

Obviously this is just my opinion, but I've heard plenty of people say that they don't like Tony Pedregon as a person, or as an announcer. Everyone bitches about the announcers, not sure why, but I can't recall people saying that they don't like Brian Lohmes, or Alan Reinhart as a person. Tony was condescending to fans as a driver, he was hateful to Eric Medlin when Eric took over his ride, and that persona has carried over to his current gig with fans. Plus he rally isn't very good at the job.
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