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Tony, maybe if you were there in that time warp (maybe you were) I think you would understand the reverence and unending passion we have for that time. I say that with all respect to you.

Another driver that was hard on equipment was Sush when he drove foe Venolia Joe.

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Jungle always put on a show...;)


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I've seen Jim Epler push a head gasket, see fire in the windows in the firewall, pull the fire bottle lever and keep the loud pedal matted for the win...twice...imo he was the fiercest driver of his time...never seen a guy with a drive to win as deep as epler....smoothest driver imo is Del and Force


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I don't remember the car, but I was at OCIR years ago when a nitro FC or TF blew either/both engine/clutch/trans and the flywheel took off straight up the air for several hundred feet. It was still spinning at some ungodly RPM when came back down, hit the track, and took off for the pits. I was always amazed that it didn't hit anybody/anything and go through them like a buzzsaw.

Here you go.


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