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Wifey & I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving.....God bless you all and your families on this day and every day....Be well......And tomorrow......Go get that 200 inch tv !!!!...or iphone45 promax max...Just kidding...Well ...Maybe not....


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Happy Thanksgiving!


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Happy Thanksgiving everybody.
I love this time of year. It gives most everybody a chance to spend time with family, which means more to me than anything else.
My wife and I are currently at our son’s home in Picayune, MS. He is in the Navy and stationed here, and we are just getting ready to enjoy a big meal.


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Thank you to every one. On of the things I am grateful for is to be able to come here and express my opinions about the sport we all love.

Dinner with family here at home and then off to the airport for a flight to Austin, TX for a couple of days and then to Galveston to pick up a Carnival Cruise Ship for a 6 day trip to the Western Caribbean. This will be my first cruise and real vacation in a long time.


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First Thanksgiving without Dad… he passed a month before his 92nd about 2 months ago. Had a nice dinner with Mom and my sister’s family up in Massachusetts


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Bob, sorry about loosing your dad. I lost my Dad in 1981 and my Mom in 2003. My wife's Mom is still living, she is 90. We went down to Tucson for T-day with her. Just remember, when ya get to Heaven, your Dad will be there and no one will look old. :)
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