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Anyone who has a chance should stop by the Half Moon Bay Bakery. Besides having really great goodies it has the walls filled with pictures of cars that raced at Half Moon Bay back in the day. You can still get a T shirt or a Dash Plaque there. The whole area is like going back in a time warp.


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Thanks Cliff. I never had video of our car until now... 1st shot at 3:24 in the right lane.
On another run against the same car (Mark Foster) He got crossed up and bounced a little sideways. I moved over when I got a glimpse of his oil pan...
That is where I believe a buddy of ours came up with "it is slicker than greased owl shit!" :oops:
I will watch the rest later, lunchtime is over.
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anyone familiar with malibushirts.com? ...... vintage surf / drag / airlines online shirt retailer..... pretty cool stuff for sale; half moon bay t's included.
wondering if that's what is for sale at this bakery? website is malibushirts.com


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I never went there, but saw so many photos in Drag News, etc. Was a famous track. I guess Sonoma would be the Half Moon Bay of 2021.


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Look at top photos. shows the wall w/ photos of the drags.
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