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I just got in front of my computer now to find out where I was in PTW standings and found out there was indeed a race during my hospital stay. I went in on the 5th of April and was in a medically induced coma for four days while they intubated me and scraped my lungs to see why I had such bad pneumonia. Turns out it's an auto-immune reaction in there and I'm finally home after a 20 day stay in the ICU.
Hard part now is the physical therapy to get back to normal. I couldn't walk or do anything for myself, but now I'm up and about. Lots left to do and couldn't have done it without my wonderful parents and sister.

Looking forward to reading up on all the new posts
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Glad to hear you are up and about.

Those auto immune reactions are not to be taken lightly.
The one I get is very painful...


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It's amazing how bad how fast one of these can put you down.
Learning everything over again is rough....but being home and Mom's cooking is 200% better than where I was ....and they took wonderful care of me in the ICU

No complaints except when I had a setback and they had to knock me out again and use an endoscopy to repair an ulcer the strong steroids caused...and then almost have to do it again on 2 more occasions but my hemoglobin leveled out so, false alarm.

G I doctor came in and said "I think we are going to feed you and stop using you as a pincushion so much and the levels should go normal. Best news I heard in 20 days!
Take away my food and things can get nasty :mad:


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Welcome back Bob!
Medical technology / practice is so amazing. Thank God.
You may know, a lot of people still die from pneumonia.
(Everybody should get their Pneumovax....really!)


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Glad you're back Bob. I spent 20 hours in the hospital last week for some surgery I needed to have. I couldn't imagine 20 days!


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Great to see you back Bob! I was wondering why I didn't see any posts from you. Take it one step at a time and you'll be back better than before!


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I forgot to mention...
never been in a hospital except for a kidney stone attack and went home same day
never broke a bone
never had a suture ( they stitched my IV to my neck)
never had blood given (2 bags first time ever)
never really had blood drawn except for insurance (checking fingertips for blood sugar 3X a day and vials and vials and vials taken....damn vampires)
never been under anesthesia for anything (the timeline of events and lost days were really confusing)
and, I'm so black and blue on my arms and midsection I must have insulted Mike Tyson while I was under somehow...

But hey, whaddaya gonna do? When was the last time you did something for the first time? ;)

on the plus side..... I lost over 40lbs
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Glad you made it through a long stint in ICU Bob. I've always heard that you need a well person in there with you to make sure you make it through! Too many competing priorities for how those places are staffed!


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Bob, great you're back. I worked in hospitals over 30 years before I retired. Sometimes ICU is long term & "maybe you'll make it & maybe you won't", but there are miracles in there too. Have seen tiny little kids in Peds ICU, literally the size of your palm, and they make it. I think you were in good hands. :)


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Bob glad you're doing better, glad you had someone to watch out for you.
I spent 7 months in 5 different hospitals last year and I was thankful for a wonderful wife , daughter and mother in law to watch out for me.
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